She's A Punk Rocker
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She's A Punk Rocker

Wednesday 3 October 5pm Cineworld

90 mins

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Director: Zillah Minx Country: UK
Writer: n/a Original Format: DV
Dir. of Photography: Zillah Minx Print Source:
Producer: Mark Saunders
Featuring: Eve Libertine,Gee Vaucher,Vi Subversa,Caroline Coon
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She's A Punk Rocker UK is a documentary by and about Punk Rock women. Featuring punk rockers such as Poly Styrene and Gaye Advert, it tells the story of Punk directly from the women punks who shocked the world - women who were on the scene before the Sex Pistols appeared on TV and revealed the underground punk world to the public.

The present media interest in punk is still a male-dominated vision of the era. This documentary specifically reassesses women's roles in a dynamic movement that irreversibly changed the face of society, politics, art and music. Crass women Eve Libertine and Gee, Vi Subversa (Poison Girls), Michelle (Brigandage), Caroline Coon and many others reveal life as anarchist punks.




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