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[Opening Night Gala]

Tues 25 Sept 7:30pm
Cineworld Haymarket

90 mins


Director: Allan Moyle Country: Canada
Writer: Willem Wennekers Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Adam Swica CSC Print Source: Contender Group
Producer: Nicholas T Tabarrok
Cast: Scott Speedman, Wes Bentley, Taryn Manning
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London Premiere - Opening Night Gala

* Chance to win a brand new Gibson electric guitar at the screening

Rotten Tomatoes' Critics Select 

This screening is sold out. Ring 0207 287 3833 to get on the returns list.

Short Synopsis

Stoners Dexter and Royce deal with drug debt, a heist, dead bodies, Satanists and dwarves and all in one slightly surreal night in Weirdsville.


Dropout pals Dexter and Royce face an unimaginable situation when their friend Matilda accidentally overdoses on stolen heroin. Believing her to be dead, the only way to avoid the cops finding their stash is to bury her at the old drive-in cinema. If only things were so easy. Good news: she’s not really dead. Bad news: their DIY funeral just so happens to disturb a group of amateur Satanists who will stop at nothing to exact revenge. Now on the run from not only a psychotic cult but also an angry drug baron, the reckless trio must survive the night while trying to execute a heist of their own, dealing with a clan of medieval-obsessed dwarves and their own narcotic addictions.

Scott Speedman and Wes Bentley deliver standout performances as the protagonists, balancing the laughs while conveying a more realistic nature of drug taking. Taryn Manning also shines as the “heroin chic” figure of Matilda, who clearly sees the bigger picture but can’t quite escape her situation.

Utilising a profoundly zany script by Willem Winnekers, cult director Allan Moyle (Pump Up The Volume) delivers a truly hilarious and exciting vision of small town Canada, where vividly constructed characters are intertwined with intriguing plot twists. Never descending into self-indulgent stupidity, Weirdsville presents an exhilarating thrill-ride with added substance, illegal of course…

James Merchant

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