The Devil Dared Me To
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The Devil Dared Me To

Thurs 27 Sep 9:30pm
The Rex

*Sat 29 Sept 9:30pm

75 mins

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Director: Chris Stapp Country: New Zealand
Writer: Matt Heath, Chris Stapp Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Matt Heath, Chris Stapp Print Source: Jason Cook
Producer: Matt Heath, Karl Zohrab
Cast: Bonnie Soper, Chriss Stapp, Phil Brough
Film Details

Best Debut Feature Nominee

* Chance to win a brand new Epiphone electric guitar at the screening

Short Synopsis

Live fast, die faster - Hilarious action-comedy about stunt car drivers in New Zealand.


Back in their native New Zealand the writing, directing and performing team of Matt Heath and Chris Stapp are responsible (or perhaps that should read irresponsible) for the anarchic and utterly outrageous TV show 'Back of the Y.' This mixture of hilarious, foul-mouthed comedy, violence and over-the-top stunts has naturally become cult viewing.
The formula remains much the same for this big screen outing from the duo which features one of their TV creations, stunt man Randy Campbell. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his late father, 'Flaming Reg Campbell', Randy joins up with the generally hopeless Timaru Hell Riders. Their leader, the appallingly arrogant Dick Johannsen, immediately puts Randy to work as a toilet cleaner.
When Johannsen wimps out on a stunt Randy seizes his chance to become the troupe's star turn but Johannsen isn't going to give up his throne without a fight and he likes to fight dirty.
The film is unashamedly rude and crude and as subtle as a punch to the jaw. If you love sick humour (there is blood and pain galore), enjoyably stupid stunts (leaping a line of upside down lawnmowers for instance) and testosterone fuelled antics then this is definitely the film for you. In fact 'The Devil Dared Me To' is practically guaranteed to become a staple of late-night viewing, no doubt accompanied by a six-pack or two.

Alan Diment

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