Day Zero
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Day Zero

Fri 5 October 7pm
The Rex

Sat 6 October 9:30pm

90 mins

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Director: Bryan Gunnar Cole Country: USA
Writer: Robert Malkani Original Format: DVCPro HD
Dir. of Photography: Matthew Clark Print Source: Anthony Moody
Producer: Anthony Moody
Cast: Elijah Wood, Chris Klein, Ginnifer Goodwin
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International Premiere

*Producer Anthony Moody will be in attendance

Rotten Tomatoes' Editor's Choice

Short Synopsis

The draft is back - what would you do if called to serve? In NYC in the near future, three best friends must grapple with everything they believe after they are given thirty days to report for duty.


Images of all too familiar scenes are displayed as we see men in combat, brandishing guns.  These scenes may tell of the atrocities carried out more than thirty years ago in what would seem to be the Vietnam War, but unmistakably echo a similar tragedy currently in its course in modern day Iraq.

Locating us a little less further a field, we find three young men, Feller, Rifkin and Dixon. All lead different lives in New York, and yet will all find themselves united by an unfortunate turn of fate as they are arbitrarily chosen to go and fight in a war on the other side of the world, in a country they know little about.

Offering us a vision of a near and possible future in which men in the US would be drafted off to war, the film’s director, Brian Gunnar Cole, takes us through the next thirty days during which they must accept to leave their daily lives behind to face an uncertain future where death is all too often encountered.

The film puts into play the opposing thoughts of three different men from three different backgrounds: a taxi driver with modest means, a young affluent lawyer, and a confused writer. What follows is not a heated political debate, but more a demonstration of the ideological disparity between different members of society and their beliefs. As personal and tragic events unfold, Brian Gunnar Cole provides us with a necessary reminder of the unfortunate fate of men who are faced with the difficulty of finding a stable moral ground, when confronted with a war where personal emotions are easily confused with moral duties. 

Tessa Williams

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