Exhibit A
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Exhibit A

Mon 1 October 6:45pm
The Rex

Thurs 4 Oct 6:30pm

85 mins

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Director: Dom Rotheroe Country: UK
Writer: Dom Rotheroe Original Format: Mini DV
Dir. of Photography: Rob Hardy Print Source: Bigger Pictures
Producer: Darren Bender
Cast: Angela Forrest, Bradley Cole, Brittany Ashworth
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World Premiere / Best UK Feature Nominee

*Advanced Screening

Short Synopsis

Found camera footage reveals the story of a normal family disintegrating into an unimaginable nightmare. Best UK Feature Nominee.


Exhibit A is the videotape of evidence captured on a young girls new camcorder, which reveals snippets of the family’s last few weeks leading up to “the incident”. We are first introduced to this suburban family as the girl is offered her camcorder. From here on we accompany this seemingly normal family through a series of birthdays, barbecues and gatherings that gradually points us in a much darker direction.

Director Rotheroe puts the family unit on trial. The family’s inability to communicate, listen or even care for each other’s individual desires and ambitions is played up against the family’s financial and circumstantial problems that effect each and every family member. As the tension increases and relationships crumble it becomes increasingly difficult not to symapthise with all involved, for how on earth will things be resolved?

Told through the seemingly objective lens of a little girl’s camera this film succeeds in guiding us through a disconcerting sequence of events that will force you to think twice about getting involved with anyone.

Ramchandra Solanki

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