We have some terrific events at the Festival this year.


The Real Tuesday Weld

Wednesday 26 September

Eccentric London art pop-art band The Real Tuesday Weld purveyors of their very own "Antique Beat" invite you to their travelling cinematic roadshow. "Giddily recalls Gainsbourg, Pulp, Cole Porter, early Disney soundtracks and seedy postwar revue bars" SUNDAY TIMES "Devilishly Good" FLUX "Utterly unique, utterly delightful" THE TELEGRAPH "Wickedly playful charm" Q

VICE presents The British Wrestler + Carribean Fashion Week

Thursday 27 September 18:30

Two films about two different cultures, from rainy Britain to sunny Jamaica.

VICE presents The 4th Dimension

Thursday 27 September 20:00

Three visionary filmmakers give us a glimpse of enlightenment through the eyes of three one-of-a-kind characters who are each on a journey that changes the way they see the world and themselves. Each filmmaker provides a different perspective on what the 'Fourth Dimension' is while keeping a common theme—by broadening your mind and changing your perspective on life, you can pave your own path to enlightenment.

Bill Martell - Screenwriting Workshops

Various dates, times & locations

 Hollywood based screenwriter William C MArtell has an astonishing 20 screenplay credits on produced films. He joins Raindance as a juror, and presents a series of lunchtime script workshops for a fiver. Don't miss this chance to study with a professional.

Errors of the Human Body

Thursday 27 September 15:00

amBX is is doing with light and colour what Dolby is doing with surround sound in the world of filmed entertainment. RGB LED ambient lighting installed in the auditorium, triggered dynamically by the action, colours and sound from the screen will bring the director's vision and the lighting cameraman's technical wizardry into the auditorium and literally wrap it around the viewer.

International Film Financing panel

Thursday 27 September 18:00

The Institute for International Film Financing presents a series of influential speakers on films & filmmaking.

Raindance Master Degree Screening

Friday 28 September 12:45

The first of the Raindance Postgraduate Degree students present 5 short films!

Music Videos

Friday 28 17:30

Some great new indie music videos.

The Internet Filmmaker

Saturday 29 September 12:30

 What's the easiest way of making money from film? Nope, not Hollywood or Bollywood or any of the other -woods from around the world, but from that tool most of us use every single day - the Internet!

Documentary Case Study - Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

Saturday 29 September 18:15

A discussion between filmmaker Jesse Vile and documentary distributor Oli Harbottle.

NYman with a Movie Camera – a film by Michael Nyman

Saturday 29 September 20:45

Conceived and Directed by Michael Nyman, this 67-minute feature is a reconstruction of Dziga Vertov's 'Man With A Movie Camera', followed with a Q&A with Nyman himself.

Production Design Workshop

Sunday 30 September 12:45

Spend some time with Elliot Scott, professonal industry designer and motion-arts festival director, learning about the basics (and the complexities!) of design for film.

Anatomy of a Reel: Underwater Realm

Sunday 30 September 15:00

Have a look behind the scenes of the most ambitious independent film project ever attempted: an underwater filming extravaganza from Realm Pictures, creators of 'Zomblies'.

Prime Cuts

Monday 1 October 17:45

Screening celebrating the award winning films of the 2012 Prime Cuts Festival.

Event - Boozin 'n Schmoozin

Monday 1 October 18:30

A beautiful view, alcohol, a room full of filmmakers of various capacities and more alcohol. A recipe for success.

Live! Ammunition! Pitching Event

Tuesday 2 October 20:30

 Have you got a gem of a film idea? Would you like to pitch it directly to a panel of film executives? Come and practise your pitching skills and maybe even get your idea on the track to realisation.

The Reel - Content is King

Wednesday 3 October 20:45

Join The Reel in celebrating the very best examples of this ‘branded content’, screening flicks that’ll tickle your funny bone, dampen your tear-ducts and boggle your brainbox.

Raindance Collabor8te 48-Hour Challenge

Thursday 4 October 18:30

Collabor8te and Raindance are challenging London's filmmakers to make the best 5-minute film in 48-hours.

Death By Camera

Friday 5 October 18:30

Martin Gooch, creator of over 30 shorts and two features, walks the audience through a reconstruction of a scene from his recent feature film 'Death', followed by a screening of the film itself.

Awards Ceremony 2012

Saturday 6 October 18:00

Raindance presents awards to the best of the best, along with our yearly 'Film Of The Festival' Award.


Saturday 6 October - 14:00

Limecraft offers an online production platform for television and film producers. This workshop will tell you all about it!

At Night I Fly

Saturday 6 October 18:30

A reflective insight into the lives of maximum security inmates who take refuge from the monotony of serving time at New Folsom prison by creating art. Preceded by a live performance.

Bar 25

Saturday 6 October 20:00

'Bar25 - Days Out Of Time' shows the diversity, internationality and creativity of Berlin and what it takes to create a seemingly utopian world.

Josh Golding - Maverick Screenwriting

Sunday 7 October 14:30

Who wants to write a boring screenplay? No-one who wants to get noticed, that's who. Josh Golding has worked for MGM/Pathe, BBC Films and PBS, and he will guide you to discover and explore the techniques behind making your script daring and unique.