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'63 Comet

Three individuals discuss life, philosophy, and television programs while they drive along a desert highway, their destination unclear...

12 Drawings A Day

For 3 years (2008-2011), I have been making 12 drawings of animation every day - altogether, each translates to one second of film. And then, each of the following days, I took the 3 last drawings from the day before and kept on animating on the back side of a used piece of A4 paper.

12 Fucking Angry Men

A tribute to the Sidney Lumet masterpiece (12 Angry Men), 12 Fucking Angry Men is a dark comedy about anger with non-professional actors.

15 Metros

15 Meters and an abyss. In Haiti, there are only 15 meters between wealth and poverty. Between abundance and need. There are only 15 meters between two worlds.

2084 DT

Three young film-makers labour away in the not-so-distant future. Commissioned to commemorate the centenary of the French trade union movement, this short film celebrates the role of technology in fostering social change.


A postman lets us into his dark world in quiet suburbia.