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Two boys in East L.A. are pressured to join the local gang.  The choices they make over a single day will alter their lives forever.


Cuba, 1961. Thousands of teenage girls join the national campaign for literacy and help teach their country to read. Their lives would never be the same.

Mapmaker, The

Returning with his wife Isabel to the coastline where they once spent a blissful summer, Rowan must make a sacrifice to preserve their unity forever.


In a prison visitor’s room, a mother confronts her son over his part in an epic failed hold-up.


Weronika arrives in a small town with her two-year-old daughter. The plan she intends to carry out requires a meeting with someone she has not seen for a long time, Tomasz, the local parish priest. Their meeting after so many years takes an unexpected turn.

Metamorphosis, The

The family staying by Agnes deathbed give cold treatment to Simon, who returns to the family after16 years.

My Big-Assed Mother

For the first time as an actor on the big screen Abel Ferrara plays the famous writer Charles Bukowski telling his unmistakable stories to a packed bar.

No Ball Games

A mischievous boy plays football against a forbidden wall. When the ball goes over, he's lured into a mysterious garden with a hidden secret

No Prisoner

A Gas Man doing his rounds is mistaken for a thief by the lonely occupant in one of the houses.

No Rest For The Wicked

Spawning from the hit comic, THE DEVIL'S HANDSHAKE, this short horror-adventure romp features Basil, a street tough brawler and Moebius, a dashing cat burglar playboy.

Nowhere In Particular

Sean is a 23-year-old Irish-American. Running away from a broken heart, he decides to go back to his roots and drive around Ireland. He soon finds himself in the middle of nowhere, when he picks up a beautiful young Irish woman; Sarah. Shortly into the journey, Sarah will confess something to him that is going to transfer him into a world of trouble...

Old Woman, The

In a place where the mere publication of a poem may lead to death, the writer Daniil plans to write a subversive novel.


A Galician elder and his mute son attempt to disrupt the malevolent will of the one-eyed Ollaparo beast through the invocation of age-old rituals and sacrifices.

Once And For All

Inspired by the song ‘Once And For All’ by hotly tipped new British act, Clock Opera, this short film evokes a sense of personal change and challenge - an individuals’ moment of inspiration to pluck up the courage to do something potentially life changing. We explore the dynamic between an elderly couple whose attempts to court each other are ultimately met with tragedy.

Out Of Hours

Alice witnesses a murder at work and finds herself being chased by two gun-toting killers. With no way out can she find the strength to fight back?


It's New Years's Eve and Marek is not turning back. He's leaving for good, a place that for the longest time now has been nothing but a brokedown hotel run by bleak souls.

Passing Through

Passing Through confronts the tension between the beauty of abstract imagery and the power of representational images gathered on a trip from Tokyo to tsunami-battered Ishinomaki.


“Periapsis” is a collaborative hand-painted film between Timothy David Orme and Haley Larson that examines loss via separation.

Piano, The

13 years after the earthquake in Armenia. A piano is delivered for a talented orphan pianist. However, the trailer where she lives is too small to hold a piano.


A prelude constructed from other preludes. A prelude to a love story. A love story.


Pretty Things

A lonely man goes to extreme lengths to get a hug from his granddaughter.

Pub, The

A day caught up in the murky slipstream of a North London pub.



Portrait of a Mexican maid: After 40 years living with her glamorous employer she is thinking of retiring but can't seem to bring herself to leave quite yet.

Reinaldo Arenas

Told from the point of view of a dying shark, 'Reinaldo Arenas' metaphorically captures the current state of the aging Cuban-American exile community, many of whom have still not come to terms with the Communist Revolution that changed their lives forever. The film culls from various Cuban films and works of literature to create not a singular voice, but a feeling of a particular moment in time.


 Romance was adapted from a story by Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk that was originally published in the August 2011 issue of Playboy Magazine.  Shot and edited in Oregon, it rides the edge of the modern love story in a twisted tale of attraction, fear, and ultimately consumption:

Rose Apple Tree Island

A poetic documentary about the River Ganga in India, told in three parts.


He is a refugee. Who is she? And will they ever meet?