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Living out his last days in the north shore of Hawaii, an old Japanese man is visited by the ghosts of his past.

Good Karma $1

Good Karma $1 is a short documentary that explores acclaimed ad-guru Alex Bogusky’s fascination with collecting homeless signs. What starts out as a project to understand the world’s simplest form of communication turns into a lesson of generosity.

Green Dogs, The

 Oswaldo and Babass’, two fifty years- old workers keen on football are threatened by the relocation of their factory in Romania. They provoke a match against the young managers of the company and soon they resume training with their mythic crew from the 80’s, 'The Green Dogs'. But both men are far away from being the young champions they used to be. And the game is set in hard conditions when Oswaldo bets their professional future on the result of the match…

Head Over Heels

 A husband and wife have grown apart over the years.  He lives on the floor, she lives on the ceiling, and their marriage hangs in the balance.

Herriott Grace

 What happens when you have the chance to turn your passion into your second career? We follow Nikole Herriott as she visits her father Lance on his first day of retirement. He has said goodbye to his ship welder past to focus his considerable talents on his lifelong passion: wood.

High Hopes

London Estates story that isn't just about a cold world. Kassel and Andre are teenagers, but might be growing up too soon.

History Of Chance, The

 The History Of Chance is an enigmatic and haunting drama about loss and rebirth. Following the loss of his wife, a man becomes consumed by depression. In his loneliness he makes a strange discovery which may have far-reaching consequences...


We often think of houses as solid, strong, permanent things. In fact they can be weak, fragile and as this film shows mobile. What is that makes a house a home? What gives it its strength?


 It’s another endless, sleepless night. You’re caught in a cycle and weighed down, until some thing heavy and strange approaches. You need to find a way out.

I Am The Architect

 Clive becomes a victim of his own  tyrannical plan to create a modernist utopia where individual expression is repressed in order to adhere to his rules.


A ferry makes its way through the ice floating in the wintery Baltic Sea. Yet the ice has long since broken inside the ship thanks to the evening's entertainment: with their presentation, the artists breathe a moment of magic into a world which already seems rather unreal.  The film evokes a journey into the unknown, full of nostalgia and hope.

Interview Date

A blind date gets mixed up with a job interview, leaving everyone at the right place at the right time with the wrong person.


Unrealistic, seemingly disparate, yet interrelated scenes that poke, like an intrusive recurring traumatic experience, into the mind of the powerless spectator.


 A desperate robber on the run must decide whether it is easier to fight his girlfriend or the cops. 

Karama Has No Walls

 Juma’at El-Karama (Friday of Dignity) marks a turning point in Yemen’s revolution. The tragic events that took place on this day – when pro-government snipers shot dead 53 protesters and injured a thousand more - shook the nation to its core and propelled hundreds of thousands more to flock to the square in solidarity with their fellow citizens.

Last Anarchist, The

"The Last Anarchist" is a short film about Donny, an eccentric anarchist and his unique way of grieving a family tragedy.

Last Remarks

 In 1947, the British rulers of the Indian subcontinent prepare to depart the region amidst waves of ethnic violence. On the evening of the creation of his new country Pakistan, Arastu Jan, a troubled and isolated native servant to a British master, takes a dose of poison and finds himself with ten minutes to record the confession of his brief lifetime.


  Directed by Bryn Chainey, the video for “Legacy” chronicles the loss of a beloved pet mouse, and a young girl’s fascination for death and eclectic funerals. Set against the lush, horn infused melodies of the four minute (and some spare change) track, the video explores cultural ceremonies ranging from a customary Japanese funeral to a space burial.

Life And Freaky Times Of Uncle Luke

 A modern Miami adaptation of the 1962 French short film 'La Jetee', the film recounts Luke's (Uncle Luke, legendary rapper from the hip-hop group 2 Live Crew) rise to fame as he changes the face of hip-hop and fights for first amendment rights- and later as he ushers Miami into a golden era of peace and prosperity as Mayor.

Lines In The Sand

Lines In The Sand is a poignant animation exploring cycles of abuse and the ambiguity of understanding when faced with the complexities of the human condition. 

Lobster Cry, The

Recently arrived in France with her parents from their native Russia, Natalia, six year old, has been impatiently awaiting her brother’s return from fighting in Chechnya. D-day has come and so has disillusion for the little girl. Is this man really the brother she used to know?


Logs [Window]

A young man, recovering from the recent nervous breakdown, arrives at manor house to rest for a while. He meets a young, bored women who entertains herself by telling self made legends.


Love Story

A story of love, madness, and 24-hour daylight. Solange's boyfriend Baldur mysteriously takes off for Iceland. She follows, but an even deeper mystery awaits her.


 A poetic and cinematic account of a short lived, yet passionate, affair between two female lovers.

Ludic Chase

 Gunnar toys with danger as he makes his way home from work and encounters a spirit, Oyami.