Rubin and Ed

Film Title:

For Rubin and Ed


    Thursday 4 October 20:15


83 mins

Director: Trent Harris Country: USA
Writer: Trent Harris Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Bryan Duggan Print Source: Trent Harris
Producer: Paul Webster
Cast: Howard Hesseman, Crispin Glover, Karen Black

Retrospective Screening

Rubin Farr (Crispin Glover) is an eccentric  man-child who lives at his mother’s hotel. Fed up with her son's eccentricities she demands that he gets out there and makes at least one friend today. After putting up a bit of a struggle he agrees and soon stumbles across  an unlikely ally – Ed: divorced, middle-aged and hooked up with a weird get rich quick organization called PPR – Positive Power Through Real Estate. They make a deal. Ed (Howard Hesseman) will have dinner with Rubin and his mother if Rubin agrees to accompany him to a seminar at PPR. The burgeoning friendship nearly hits the wall when Ed discovers Rubin's cat dead in the freezer. But soon Ed finds himself accompanying Rubin on a road trip through the Utah desert in search of a perfect spot to bury the cat. Along the way, the unlikely duo develop a strange friendship.

 With a sparkly cameo by Karen Black as Ed Tuttle’s shrewish ex this is one of Harris' most rarely seen works. Michael Greene stars alongside Glover and Hesseman as Mr. Busta, head of PPR.

 Harris exposes a naively ever-positive America, well before the latest meltdown, a time when anyone who was willing to do the work, attend the seminars believed they had a crack at the big time. A brilliantly wacky look at the American Dream, Rubin and Ed shows Harris at his most weirdly imaginative.

 Suzanne Ballantyne

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