NYman with a Movie Camera

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NYman With A Movie Camera


    Date / Time


67 mins

Director: Michael Nyman Country: UK
Writer: Michael Nyman Original Format: -
Dir. of Photography: Michael Nyman Print Source: Myriam Blundell
Producer: Michael Nyman Productions
Cast: -

World Premiere

Fans of Michael Nyman will be particularly interested in this digital record since it not only boasts a score by the composer, but comprises footage taken during various tours, often showing images from his concerts, press junkets and shots of posters featuring his name in many different languages. Intercut are more commonplace images: street scenes, trains, buses, trams, buildings, people, postcards, photographs, hotel rooms and other subjects that one would expect to see when travelling.

Nyman has structured the film as a mirror of the original Man With a Movie Camera, using footage from the film as well as its famous style of varied, seemingly random, images of modern life cut together. Certain shots become motifs, repeating themselves through the film, and there is an emphasis on modern industry and transport.

As well as using some original footage, Nyman also retains the opening plates that detail, in Russian, the intention of he work as an experiment in cinematic communication as defined by its total separation from the language of theatre and literature in that it doesn't use sets, actors or a script and therefore is pure cinema, laid open for the audience to interpret as they may.

Claire Oakley

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