Heavy Girls

Film Title

Heavy Girls


Sunday 30 September 13:00

Sunday 7 October 15:00


76 mins

Director: Axel Ranisch Country: Germany
Writer: Peter Trabner, Axel Ranisch, Heiko Pinkowski Original Format: mini-DV
Dir. of Photography: Axel Ranisch Print Source: Heiko Pinkowski, Anne Baeker
Producer: Anne Baeker, Dennis Pauls, Axel Ranisch, Heiko Pinkowski
Cast: Ruth Bickelhaupt, Peter Trabner, Heiko Pinkowski

UK Premiere

When a film opens with a man and woman sharing a bed and these turn out to be grown-up child and elderly parent, you know you have something atypical on your hands. Sven is perhaps forty, dances - beer-bellied and butt-naked - to classical music and still lives with his mum. Edeltraut is white-haired and wrinkly and also likes dancing, but more of the traditional kind. As she suffers from dementia, Daniel, her carer, comes around every day. Sven likes Daniel, but Daniel is happily married. Or so it seems until Edeltraut runs off one day and the two men venture out to find her - and each other.

It’s a sort of mid-life crisis with various twists and turns that might make you love or hate the highly flawed but ultimately very real characters. Whichever it is, it can’t be denied that Heavy Girls embodies pure indie spirit. Dialogue improvisation instead of a fixed script and the handheld camera generate the story’s refreshing realism. With a budget of 517.32 Euro, the film had literally no crew and starred the director’s own grandmother in her superb first film role, all a testament to the fact that the films we are passionate about will get made.

Marlies Prinzl

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