The Beaver Trilogy

Film Title:

The Beaver Trilogy


    Friday 5 October 20:00


85 mins

Director: Trent Harris Country: USA
Writer: Trent Harris Original Format: Beta SP
Dir. of Photography: Trent Harris, Claes Thulin Print Source: Trent Harris
Producer: Trent Harris, Walter Hart, Beth Greycloud
Cast: Groovin' Gary, Sean Penn, Crispin Glover

Retrospective Screening

The original Beaver Kid was a young guy that then cameraman Trent Harris ran into in a parking lot outside a TV station in Beaver, Utah. It turned out that this was one very special kid – an eccentric, a gangly outsider and someone with a story to tell, just like Harris himself.
He filmed this encounter on video and the story unravels at the same time to the viewer as it did to Harris that day. Soon the kid volunteers that he’ll be performing at a talent show that night in his high school auditorium and invites Harris along to the undertaker’s where he’s getting his make-up done – he goes on to mention that later he’ll be dragging up as Olivia Newton-John and performing a tribute act. Needless to say, Harris records the whole thing.
Later, Harris set out to re-work the piece, using an actor – a young and unknown Sean Penn. This time shot in grainy black and white – it appears like another edition in a series of prints. There’s a different hue and feel but it’s still an engrossing tale.
Some years later, Harris does another restaging – now with Crispin Glover in the title role and shot in saturated colour. In all its guises, the story retains its quirky brilliance and it becomes hard to imagine the trio watched in isolation of each other. This is Trent Harris at his best.

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