Despite The Gods

Film Title:

Despite The Gods


Tuesday 2 October 18:30

Friday 5 October 15:00


85 mins

Director: Penny Vozniak Country: Australia
Writer: Penny Vozniak Original Format: DVC pro HD
Dir. of Photography: Penny Vozniak Print Source: CAT&Docs
Producer: Karina Astrup
Cast: -

UK Premiere | Nominated Best Documentary

On the production whiteboard behind film director Jennifer Lynch's desk is a column marked 'groceries.' On it are listed the following: coffee-maker, ice-cream maker, script-supervisor. Jennifer is in Chennai to make her third feature film film, based on Indian myth it is the story of “a woman who turns into a snake who turns into a woman again.” As this documentary of that film progresses we follow the similar metamorphosis of its director.

 If shooting in brutal climactic conditions (one extra passes out for nearly 10 minutes under the heat of her make-up) in a foreign industry culture (Lynch nearly kisses her AD when she finally receives call-sheets) with a producer who thinks he can do the job better than you (and doesn't hesitate to tell you), and having your 12 year-old daughter in tow doesn't sound tough, then try doing it with the thought that your first film won a Raspberry hanging over your head. Life is not easy for Jennifer Lynch, and having a famous father isn't making it any easier.

 Despite the Gods could be a called a behind-the-scenes film, but it is more than that. It is a deeply intimate look into the life of a woman struggling to balance career and family, working a job that is punishing at the best of times in difficult conditions and always, always making the best of it.

 James Burbidge

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