The Fourth Dimension

Film Title:

The Fourth Dimension


Thursday 27 September 20:00


106 mins

Director: Jan Kwiecinski, Alexey Fedorchenko, Harmony Korine Country: UK, USA, Russia, Poland
Writer: Jan Kwiecinski, Alexey Fedorchenko, Harmony Korine Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Kamil Plocki, Christopher Blauvelt, Shandor Berkeshi Print Source: Emma Yuille
Producer: Priya Swaminathan, Matt Elek, Michael Derkits, Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Michal Kwiecinski
Cast: Val Kilmer, Igor Sergeev, Tomasz Tyndyk

London Premiere

Made under the auspices of Grolsch Film Works and Vice Films, The Fourth Dimension is a tripartite omnibus project of shorts that all, in one way or another, explore the titular fourth dimension. First up is Harmony Korine’s “The Lotus Community Workshop,” the only segment with a big name attached: Val Kilmer stars as Val Kilmer the motivational speaker that shares “awesome secrets” with his local community. Shots of the sessions are intercut with scenes of Val and a female companion cruising around the streets of L.A. on bicycles.

Segment number two, “Chronoeye,” comes from Alexey Fedorchenko of Russia, who has an asocial scientist testing out a machine that allows him to observe other moments and places in time. Although the researcher has apparently found the door to the fourth dimension, glimpses into past and future are frustrating as he only sees events through the eyes of an irrelevant observer.

Finally there is “Fawns,” Jan Kwiecinski’s intriguing debut, in which an apocalyptic flood has eerily emptied out a Polish town, leaving three guys and one girl roaming the streets and entering abandoned houses. They seem to be friends, but the atmosphere between the four carries a strange tension, amplified by the impending threat of the water. All snapshots of potentially larger stories, the three-part cinematic experiment offers individualistic interpretations of the elusive fourth dimension.

Marlies Prinzl

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