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Sado Tempest (Arashi)

A visionary reworking of Shakespeare’s The Tempest set in near future Japan. A politically outspoken rock star is exiled to a desolate island prison, where music may be his only redemption

Salesman, The

Marcel Lévesque, a savvy, quick-witted car salesman nearing retirement, has only one thing on his mind: getting his beloved American cars off the snowy lot. One day he sells a brand new truck to François Paradis, a laid-off worker from the mill, leading to repercussions Marcel never imagined


Mistaken for a marked man named Diego, Sergio ends up on the wrong side of a long lasting dispute between Hector and the native villages. Unable to convince those around him that he is not the man they are looking for Sergio must learn to walk in the shoes of the real Diego, and fight for his life.

Second Execution Of Romell Broom, The

On September, 15th, 2009, the State of Ohio tried to execute Romell Broom and failed. Ohio claims it has a right to try again.

Shanghai Gypsy

A love story about four generations is narrated by Lutvija Belmondo Mirga, a gypsy king, who decided to establish his own village named 'Shanghai'. After the downfall of Yugoslavia, business goes bad for Belmondo, who must decide whether he will protect his own family or sacrifice his personal happiness for business ambitions.


A young secretary, lacking in self-esteem, becomes victim of savage killer but somehow finds resources of courage to fight back and escape.


Growing up stifled by the conventions of traditional accordion music, this documentary charts the course of Kimmo Pohjonen's life as he revolutionized the instrument, and pushed its sound into startling and visceral new directions.

State of Shock

It’s 1986 in Communist Yugoslavia, and socialist worker Peter falls into a shock-induced catatonic state after winning ‘Worker of the Year’ award in his local collective. 10 years later he awakens to a radically different world, where everything he once knew is now history.


StringCaesar, shot inside prisons with inmates and actors, creates a fascinating dialogue between the historical story of a young Julius Caesar and the drama of incarceration in the 21st century. These stories  linked by common themes   - of human passion, rivalry, enmity and friendship, visceral and latent violence - bridge the millennia.” The prisoner who becomes a Caesar. The Caesar who rules a cell.


A German exchange student begins an impulsive and ultimately destructive relationship with a shy British boy in her final weeks before returning home to her warring family.


Complex, allusive and visually ravishing, this remarkable essay-film imagines a series of letters from a globally-roving cameraman, nagging away at what constructs and constitutes individual and collective memory, history and the mediated image itself. At times an almost science fiction analysis of Japanese customs, of Icelandic landscapes, of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, of documentaries.   

Sunset Strip

Birthed as a dusty trading route at the turn of last century, Sunset Strip became the world's center of gravity for music, glamour, fashion, sex, and decadence. A place where dreams are started, chased, loved, hated, displayed, ignored, ended, or all of the above.

This Ain't California

“This Ainʼt California” redefines the documentary genre. In 90 minutes, we see the GDR more sharply, more clearly: the skater subculture shows that not all was grey-on-grey and drab clouds of Trabant fumes. It is not just a well thought out story on its own – this film also raises the aesthetic bar.


Starring Jeremy Irons, Trashed looks at the risks to the food chain and the environment through pollution of our air, land and sea by waste. Visually and emotionally the film is both horrific and beautiful: an interplay of human interest and a political wake-up call.

Vegetarian Cannibal

Thought-provoking to the point of shocking, Vegetarian Cannibal is a riveting character study of a ruthlessly amoral gynaecologist aided by a society that prefers not to look too closely.


 Vinyl is based on Mike Peters' true rock and roll hoax of 2004. Washed-up rocker, Johnny Jones, hoodwinks top record labels, radio DJs and the entire rock music world by releasing his new pop   punk single under a fictitious teenage band's name….

Wild In The Streets

Every year, thousands of locals from rival sides of a rugged English town brutally compete in an ancient sports game that is the lifeblood of the community – and the origin of soccer, rugby, and football.

Winter Passed

In 2009, a music video producer is forced to shut down his music video production company due to illegal downloading of music on the net. Under financial strain, he attempts to rekindle with his family, notably his teenage son, but quickly realizes that he may have lost a lot more than he ever imagined.

Without A Net

In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, four young people trade the hazards of street life for the excitement of the circus.

Zero Killed

Have you ever fantasized about murder?  Whether it's offing your boss, an ex, a relative, this documentary invites its particpants to act out their murder fantasies, either as killer or victim.  Interspersed with their thoughts and feelings on humanity and the desire to deliberatley end another's life.