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Global Home

A feature length documentary film about a thrilling new way of travelling and an unexpected benefit of globalisation.

Me @ The Zoo

The film is an examination of the phenomenon of Internet celebrity and focuses on Chris Crocker, a video blogger known for the infamous “Leave Britney Alone” YouTube declaration.

Missed Connections

 Meet Neal, a guy in a quarter life crisis, trying to get over a break-up by tricking women on the Internet.  His plan is going well, until meeting Jane, who may be just as devious as he is. 

Mon Ami

Two friends try executing their 'get-rich-quick' plan by kidnapping their boss's daughter and holding her for ransom.  But when the plan falls apart, they must scramble to fix the situation and repair their friendship.

My Father and the Man in Black

Using voiceover narration, archive footage, audio diaries and heavily stylised recreations, former Hollywood publicist Jonathan Holiff unravels the personal and professional mysteries of his father Saul, who served as agent and manager for Johnny Cash throughout the '60s and '70s.

My Universe In Lower Case

Spanish nurse Aina decides to go to Mexico City, looking after her father who she thought was dead. Soon, she finds herself in a place where new opportunities will change her life.

Night Too Young, A

Two boys find themselves in a young girl’s flat with two other men and here they experience their first encounter with love and sexuality. The children lose track of time. They were expected home long ago. They drink, throw up and are intoxicated by love and “the shameless, unbridled and licentious” world in which David, Kateřina and Štěpán live.

Noise Matters

In this satire a group of eccentric characters explores the art of making noise using everyday objects in a world where noise really matters.


'Normal' is a creative documentary based on controversial research that brings the real life stories of male, female and transgender migrants working in the sex industry to the screen. Drawing on original interviews with people working in the sex industry in Albania, Italy and the UK, documentary director and anthropologist Nicola Mai reveals their unheard voices.

NYman with a Movie Camera

NYman with a Movie Camera presents a shot-by-shot reconstruction of Dziga Vertov's iconic film, 'Man with a Movie Camera', replacing the original sequences with footage from Michael Nyman's own film archives shot over the last two decades.

Ok, Good

Growing in desperation and riled by disrespect, an aspiring actor is driven over the edge through his attempts to be more assertive.

OLO, The Boy From Tibet

A story of a boy who travelled through the Himalayas to flee Tibet when he was six.


A documentary feature about a remote village in South Africa, where only white Afrikaans people live - a culturally homogeneous place in a multicultural country.

Over My Dead Body

A film following the life of Dave St-Pierre, Canadian provocateur dance choreographer suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, filmed over a two-year period of his life.

Percival's Big Night

Percy's night unfolds in one single shot as he pursues the love of his life, who has never noticed him. Until Now.

Phantom Father, The

This is the story of an American professor who is compelled to turn his back on a successful career and get on the road that takes him through danger, the unknown and the surreal, back to the roots to reclaim his identity.

Philosophy Of Closed Eyes, A

A Philosophy of Closed Eyes is a poetic journey which takes us into the Northwestern world of funerals and end-of-life experiences.

Portrait Of A Zombie

A narcissistic American filmmaker discovers the Murphy's, an Irish family with an undead son, and jumps at the opportunity to document their strange story.

Practical Guide To Belgrade With Singing And Crying

A contemporary romantic comedy about the trials of finding the right person, told through four completely different love stories.

Pursuit Of Loneliness

Elegantly shot in stark monochrome, with a score by William Basinski, the second feature from American writer-director Laurence Thrush stares our collective mortality in the face with a quiet,
contemplative and moving portrait of the impermanence of life and the loneliness of death.

Road Stained Crimson, A

Breaking away from his underworld job as an assassin, Ken is trying to go straight and build a new life. However, his dark past isn't giving up that easily…

Rubin and Ed

Reclusive Rubin Farr teams up with vocal but unsuccessful multi-level salesman Ed Tuttle on a quest to bury Rubin's dead cat in the "perfect spot".