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About The Pink Sky

Izumi finds a wallet with cash, and lends some to a man. When she returns it to its owner, however, he notices the missing money.

After School Midnighters

Kunstlijk, an anatomy model that comes to live after midnight, tries to take on a trio of three teeny-tiny girls, delivering a fun ride through the deepest and darkest corners and hallways of the elite St. Claire Elementary School.

Andrew Bird: Fever Year

Tracing a year in the life of eclectic US indie-folk rocker Andrew Bird, Xan Aranda's documentary shuffles between live performances, interviews and behind the scenes footage to weave an intimate portrait of a boldly original performer.


Angel is an experimental film by Gee Vaucher, creator of this year's campaign image.

Ascent, The

Jovan struggles to finish his first novel, removing himself to his friend’s country estate in order to write in peace. At the secluded estate live a very strange family who don’t have contact with civilization. Zeko, head of the family, is sadist authority whose word, will and unique world-view can’t be challenged by family members. Jovan slowly gets used to life with them, and decides to stay with them a little longer. But, it’s not up to him to decide how much longer.

At Night I Fly

A reflective insight into the lives of maximum security inmates who take refuge from the monotony of serving time at New Folsom prison by creating art.

Bad Hair Friday

 8 different stories... 8 ways to really fuck up a Friday! The paths of several groups cross during one violent night, and in the space of 24 hours, everything comes up for sale - sex, friendship, drugs… and people's lives. Meet spoiled rich brats, drugged-out punks, bottom-feeding criminal scum and a 70-year old gun in a violent showdown.

Ballroom Dancer

Celebrated Russian dancer Slavik Kryklyvyy returns to the circuit after a nearly career-stopping injury in this intimate and insightful documentary.

Banaz: A Love Story

Banaz was brutally murdered by her family in 2006 in an honour killing. This film tells Banaz’s story and the story of the police team that didn’t give up on her case and brought her killers to justice.

Bar 25 - Days out of Time

'Bar25 - Days Out Of Time' shows the diversity, internationality and creativity of Berlin and what it takes to create a seemingly utopian world.

Barbarous Mexico 2010

1810: Miguel Hidalgo abolished slavery in Independent Mexico. 1910: John K. Turner published Barbarous Mexico, a book that revealed slave trading. Mexico 2010, the slavery networks still exist.

Be Seeing You

Besançon 1967. A strike was called for at Rhodiaceta, a textile plant which is part of the Rhône-Poulenc trust. That strike was unsual in so far as the workers refused to dissociate the industrial conflict from its cultural background. The major claims didn't only concern wages or security of employment, the workers were also questioning the current lifestyle imposed on them by society.

Beaver Trilogy, The

Beaver Trilogy unveils the inner world of a fantastic character compelled to hide, yet at the same time, tell the world about his secret life.

Black Biscuit

A group of misfit outsiders all face the same difficult question of choosing between their dreams and talents, or following greed and vice.

Black Smoke Rising

Grieving, drinking and smoking his way through life day by day, blues musician Jonah is compelled to go on a ghostly scavenger hunt by his recently deceased brother Rafe. Only it seems Rafe may have come along for the ride.

Body Complete

Nicole, a journalist, is on a harrowing  journey  through  post-war Bosnia  to piece together the mysterious disappearance of a female victim of the country’s ethnic cleansing.

Brilliant Soil

Herlinda, a Purépecha indigenous potter, is one of the few artesans in her community who uses alternative lead-free glazes. She will devote herself to her community whilst promoting the art craft tradition.


A secret and illicit adoption to cover up for a man’s inability to father a child ends not in familial unity but fragmentation.

Center Of Gravity

Center of Gravity deals with universal questions about love and our expectations toward the beloved, the thin line that simultaneously divides and unites one another.

Cinema Six

Working at a movie theater is fun, and that's why Mason, Dennis, and Gabe have done it for years. But eventually years of neglecting the world outside the theater finally catch up to them. Now they have to make a decision; start on the long, hard path to maturity or stay at the theater where they can avoid customers, masturbate in the broom closet and figure out new uses for movie trailers.

City Slacker

A highflying City Executive searches for an unambitious slacker to father a baby and be a stay at home dad while she continues her career.


She hid from the world for years. All she wants now is to escape.

Consuming Spirits

A gothic tale of three people from a forgotten American town, whose lives intersect in the present but even more so in the past, brought to the screen through a highly creative medley of alternative animation techniques.


When Chhai discovers a sculpture of the Hindu Goddess of fertility in a mysterious Bombay workshop she is consumed by a corrosive obsession and driven to the brink of madness by an uncontrollable desire to have it for herself.

Culture Shock

Comedy-thriller in which four American college graduates take their first trip overseas where they unwittingly get mixed up in an international crime ring.

Dark Hearts

When struggling artist Colson finds his muse in sultry singer Fran, their daring romance spirals out of control into a dangerous game of deception and betrayal.

Death By Camera

Martin Gooch, creator of over 30 shorts and two features, walks the audience through a reconstruction of a scene from his recent feature film 'Death', followed by a screening of the film itself.

Despite The Gods

Cinema’s prodigal daughter Jennifer Lynch braves the unmapped territory of Bollywood-Hollywood movie making, where chaos is the process and filmmaking doubles as a crash course in acceptance and self-realization.

Die Standing Up

A promoter of socialism and the Cuban Revolution, when faced with a fatal illness, decides to undertake a personal revolution, to welcome the woman he has always had inside him.

Don't Dare To Stop Love

An anti-social, god-fearing woman scrapes through life under the delusion that she can hear God's voice. Then, one day, she comes across a young man at a bar...


After the murder of his father, Lautaro is sent to live with his aunt. On his runaway back home he would find many people, living and dead that would help him get safely with his family.

Familiar Ground

Benoit and Maryse: a brother and sister with seemingly normal lives. Everything is changed by a series of coincidences... and the arrival of a man claiming to come from the future.

Flower In The Slime

Augusto Talanquer, a well-known biochemical researcher, abandons his wife, his work and his comfortable life to go after Marlene, an extraordinarily beautiful fourteen-year-old girl who burst into his life unexpectedly.

Fourth Dimension, The

Three visionary filmmakers give us a glimpse of enlightenment through the eyes of three one-of-a-kind characters who are each on a journey that changes the way they see the world and themselves. Each filmmaker provides a different perspective on what the 'Fourth Dimension' is while keeping a common theme—by broadening your mind and changing your perspective on life, you can pave your own path to enlightenment.


An obsessive compulsive social misfit brings home a living corpse (literally) and befriends him only to get into trouble with his mean landlady who has long since been looking for an excuse to throw him out.

Free Improvisation

An intimate portrait of Jean Claude Jones, a 60 year old avant-garde double bass player from Jerusalem, who has dedicated his life to music. Ever since he was diagnosed with MS, his ability to continue creating music has been in danger. The film accompanies his unusual teacher-student relationship with 11-year-old pianist prodigy Ariel Lanyi, which develops into a deep and unique friendship.

From Tuesday To Tuesday

Juan is a fitness enthusiast who works at a factory, but his dream is to leave that job and start his own gym. After witnessing a crime, he is torn between his conscience and his dream, morality and blackmail.