Hats Off Raindance

Raindance Film Festival 20th Image

Our 20th anniversary image!

Each year we are given an image by a leading visual artist. This year we waited eagerly to see what Gee Vaucher would come up with.

"Hat's Off Raindance" - she said to me one day on the telephone. Here it is!
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About Gee Vaucher

Gee Vaucher is an artist much sought after as an illustrator and painter, perhaps best known for her artwork for the anarchist-punk band Crass.

She was born in East London in 1945 immediately following World War II. Growing up in the aftermath of war had a major impact on her later work instilling in her work a strong pacifist and humanist ideal.  War imagery is frequently used in her work, leading us to question the ways that we relate to one another.

She has always seen her work as a means to social change and the juxtaposition of joy and horror in her work, through inventive use of collage, presents us with bold, shocking images that always inspire thought.  She was deeply involved with 'protest art' during the 1980s, closely tied to the punk movement with which she was involved through Crass.

She has produced two books of her artwork, the first covering her early years and the second examining the relationship between animals and humans. 

Her film Gower Boy, a collaboration with jazz pianist Huw Warren, screened at the 14th Raindance film festival in 2006. The following year she produced the striking poster artwork for the 2007 and 2010 festivals.  We are lucky to have her create the poster for this years festival.

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