What They Are Saying About Raindance

"The courses are packed with very valuable information with many options on where and how money can be raised. The information was real, realistic and supported by a lot of true life examples Elliot was able to share with us. The course highlighted the complexities of raising finance in this competitive industry, but it also gave encouragement as there are many avenues for first time filmmakers like myself."
Neil O'Neil

"My entry into the filmmaking industry began with an idea developed together with writer/producer/editor Bruce Pirrie to write a screenplay adaptation of the book I had written called My Camino. Since I had virtually no experience in this arena, I took the Lo To No Budget workshop with Elliot Grove in Toronto. Within a period of two 2 days I had an overview of the industry, met other filmmakers and learned some valuable skills to start making a film. As it turned out, I produced two short films and directed a feature length documentary. The screenplay option for My Camino was sold to an Oscar nominated producer and co-wrote the script with Bruce. I highly recommend Raindance workshops and events."
Sue Kenney, screenwriter/producer

"I found they have most effective procedure to introduce very valuable courses in respect to make more film-makers."
Adam Basheer

"Raindance has great informative classes in all areas of the filmmaking process.  The material is well presented by experts in the field.  The staff is hardworking and full of life, love, and humour.  One always leaves with a smile."
Sylvanus Klotz

"Raindance held a special seminar on shooting low budget films which I attended October of 2006 in Toronto.  It was fantastic and filled with a ton of very useful insight and motivation.  I definitely recommend up-and-coming independent filmmakers to check out Raindance's events."
Brooks Hunter

"I want to thank you Elliot for making the complicated simple, and the impossible, possible." Sean Eagan, screenwriter

"We covered a lot of ground in a very engaging fashion. Informative and definitely constructive it not only provided me with a useful set of tools with which to approach writing but boasted my confidence."
Matt Gibbs (Went on to get a series of short films produced for the SCI-FI Channel)

"It was absolutely brilliant and incredibly inspiring. I?m finally going to start putting all of my ideas on paper. I?m hooked now I think, going to join when I paid next. And start going on some of the other writing courses."
John Perry, Dennis Publishing

"One of the greatest sessions I've attended, fantastic speaker, so knowledgeable and extremely entertaining. Thank You."
Jordan Calcafuoco

"Elliot delivers important info, in an easily digestible fashion."
Albert Barrocks

"This was well worth my time and effort. I learned a lot of useful information I'm certain won't be covered at my school. Thanks for your time."
James Cooper

"Elliot is Excellent - Knowledgeable, Savvy - shows how it really is!!"
Thom Dean

"I would like to thank Elliot for this opportunity to learn how to take the next step into filmmaking."
Michael Adkins

"Thanks so much, the entire thing was an amazing experience."
Taz Madden

"I can't thank you enough for your clear and concise outline of filmmaking. It has helped me immensely."
Graham Perri, cartoonist, DC Comics

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