40 Seconds Straight Competion
40 Seconds Straight Competition Winners

Shorts Programme 18
40 Seconds Straight Competion Finalists


  • Thursday 29 September 14:00
  • Matinee: Just £5.00


10 mins

Film Details

The 40 Seconds Straight short film competition, run by Raindance and sponsored by insurer Direct Line, invited budding filmmakers to submit a 40 second film that made one of life’s complicated situations straightforward.  It gave all aspiring filmmakers the chance to try their hand at writing, producing and directing a short film.  From those who have never picked up a camera before to experienced filmmakers, everyone was invited to submit a film.

Carmen by Jean-Pierre Jacquet
Countdown by Jeff Lamb
Dating Made Easy by Peter Hein and Chris Polick
Divorce – Made Easy by Khaliq Akbar
Evolution by Theodore Divanis
Gone in 40 Seconds by Benedict Smith and Daniel Wilby
Hot Air by Ian Harding
How to Get Dumped by Samuel Casserly
Whatever Works (formerly & online as 'Rubik's Cube') by Franky Sophia and Hayley Stuart
Tax Doesn’t Have to be Taxing…  by Sarah Randell
The Buried by Ahmad Hayati (Selected by Raindance)