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A mysterious robot lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation, that has profound implications for an entire galaxy.

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Analogue Kingdom

A poetic portrait revealing the charm of Gerald Wells’ world, where radio relics and their attendant stories fill every nook and cranny of his house/living museum.

Ball of Love

Through the story of one girl, we learn we are all connected, when we decide to look and treat life like the “Ball of Love” that it is.

Below New York

Below New York is a unique and stylized look at some of New York City's finest subway performers, musicians and artists. Through a series of polished vignettes, the film draws the audience into the amazing lives these local performers lead, and how their quest for a venue and sustenance adds a truly wonderful aesthetic to one of the greatest cities in the world.

The documentary Below New York is a unique and stylized look at some of New York City's finest subway performers, musicians and artists.

The Big Idea

A mini movie mogul attempts to pitch his film to a Hollywood megastar, oblivious to the greater drama occurring all around him.


A young actress living in Brooklyn discovers how profoundly her hostile environment has affected her. After a contemplative stroll to her neighborhood corner store, an unanticipated provocation pushes her over the edge and into an uncontrolled fury.

Bobby visits the Library

You'll be just as surprised as Bobby when you find out what kind of books they really keep in the local library.

Born Again

A deeply devoted Christian family lives in the belief that a second Flood is coming. Racing against time they try to prepare their children for the big day.

Boy In The Tree

The Boy in the Tree is a short film about people's desires and how people strive to achieve those desires under adverse circumstances.


A man is locked out of his flat. Armed only with his mobile phone, he manages to become an avatar of his own stupidity. 


Young Stephen Fry blames new boy, Bunce, when he is caught with forbidden sweets, but Fry’s plan backfires and both boys must face the consequences.

Cankered & Cursed

The story depicts a sisterhood of evil witches that must avoid getting possessed by the goodness that surrounds them, before its too late.

Captain Fork

CAPTAIN FORK is the heartwarming tale of a father's desire to do in his toddler, and the special birthday present that will change their lives forever.

Car Park Babylon

A modern fable in which a Scrooge-like Bill Bailey is confronted by a mysterious force that lurks behind a car park ticket machine.


 Portrait of a dying man.


A young Palestinian boy living in the Gaza strip accompanies his father on monthly visits to the ruins of a destroyed village. Though he doesn’t understand his father's ritual, he feels he has a duty to help him.


A journey into the dark mind of Chief who plans to bring vengeance on society. The question is, what form will it take?


What would happen if we lost our ability to question things, our need to understand the truth and our craving to grasp the big picture?

Crazy Beats Strong Every Time

An African-American twenty-something finds his Nigerian-immigrant stepfather passed out drunk in their apartment building hallway and is manipulated by a friend into murdering him.

Crossing Salween

Having survived the massacre of her family, a young girl must make the long journey through the horrors of the Burmese jungle to the Salween river, beyond which lies the freedom of Thailand. But will her late father’s enduring love and promise of a guardian angel be enough to shepherd her across the river where so many have fallen?

Danse Macabre


Death of a Pop Star

A personal physician and the odd collection of characters in the home of an ailing celebrity.  The status quo has become unsustainable.

The Death of Johnny Forceps

After finding a dead man in the streets, police attempt to piece together who this figure was, as edited together in this film about an eccentric man enamored with language and naming things.

Deep Blue

Yukiko left her hometown because she didn't like her fathers hands which are colored deep blue. Oneday she goes back to her hometown with her son...


When the world was applauding Dehli for cleaning up so well for the 2010 commonwealth games, hundreds of thousands of slum dwellers lost the little they had.

Dissection of a Storm

A woman seeks shelter in a sanatorium in order to escape her fear of death; death, however, manifests itself to her in a most unusual shape.



Don't Touch Me Please

A speechless film, both musical and sexy. One theme : seduction… Characters who play tricks (magic tricks, sometimes). Each one has its own reverse shot, its own “other one”, its own (or almost) song, like a fiction (a setting) around a character.


Dreaming is a mental projection of images, sounds, sensations and memories. This is a trip through the dreams a man and a woman share in bed.

Dr. Nazi

Charles Chinaski is a guy with many problems and feels responsible for most of them: women, alcohol, his hostility towards groups of people. One day he decides to consult the first doctor he comes across

Dying Every Day

Blanca is not willing to let her family enjoy a quiet dinner. The conversation is boring and she is irritated by the same old jokes. She knows that things could be different.

El Firulete

In 1950’s Argentina, on any given night, a simple man meets the woman of his dreams in a bar. With a little bit of tango, he will try the impossible to seduce her.

Everyone In Their Room

Everyone In Their Room is a melancholic, romantic, heartbroken story made in stop motion.The last man on the earth, a diver, crosses the wasteland with his metallic boat. During his lonely travel, he recovers every object left from the human being and, at the same time, he have to face up the worst virus which had transformed in root entire population, the nature.


A Christmas party in the countryside. As a parlour trick becomes a bewitching, one of the guests gets his dark desire.

Extraordinary Feats of The Seventh Period

Over the course of a school cross-country race, two 12-year-old outsiders come to realise that at the very least they have each other.

The Extra Pillow

Starring Maggie O’Neill and Iain Lee, The Extra Pillow is a quirky and awkwardly comic two-hander, drizzled with just enough sauce to justify a 12A rating.

Falling Deep Inside

Simon Elliott directs Carlos Acosta and Zenaida Yanowsky, exploring emotions and tensions existing below our skin in human relationships.  A slow motion film shot at 800fps.


Jeff's sure his prize salmon will win the Fish Chef of the Year Competition, but the night before an unexpected encounter could ruin Jeff's recipe for success

Frida & Anita

A glimpse into Weimar-era Berlin through an imagined one- night stand between Frida Kahlo and Anita Berber in 1924.

Friday Nights Tights

On a Friday night, One guy puts on his tights


Clownism is a genetic disorder that causes sufferers to look like a clown. Unfortunately for Alan, being a clown every day just isn’t very funny.