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VICE Screening 1

Thursday 29 September - 18:30
VICE Guide To Congo

CongoCountry: UK
Runtime: 40 mins
Host: Suroosh Alvi
Director of Photography: Jake Burghart
Producers: Jason Mojica, Suroosh Alvi
Original Format: HD 24/1080p

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a huge supply of Coltan, a vital ingredient in the production of cellphones, laptops, and other electronics. But though the price of Coltan has remained high since the tech boom of the mid ‘90s, Congo is still one of the poorest countries in the world.
Armed groups and militias have used the profits from mining to fund a series of complicated and violent wars, to the toll of around 5 million casualties, and yet it’d be too simple to say that the mines are always controlled by militias, and these so-called conflict minerals are also an invaluable source of income to many workers.
In this documentary, VICE travels to Congo to investigate Coltan mining. We meet members of the FRDC, the Mai Mai, and many others on the ground. And as we search for answers about mining, we come to realize that this is but one of the countries many problems.
An investigative travelogue through one of the worlds most dangerous and underreported countries, this is the VICE Guide to Congo.


RoseboyCountry: UK
Runtime: 25 mins
Host Billie JD Porter
Director of Photography: Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Producers: Billie JD Porter, Jamie Lee Curtis Taete, Andy Capper (supervising prod.)
Original Format: SD NTSC 29.97

Roseboy follows 4 celebrity super-fans; Sam, who is so obsessed with La Roux that he changed his name in her honour, 40 year old Steve who has covered his body in portrait tattoos of celebrities ranging from Ozzy Osbourne to Shania Twain, Danilo, who moved to the UK from Brazil in the hope of meeting the Spice Girls, and Harvii, who claims to have had his photo taken with over 1000 celebrities, and leapt to internet stardom after an image of him attempting to give Megan Fox a rose went viral.

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VICE Screening 2

Thursday 29 September - 20:45
VICE Guide to Belfast

BelfastCountry: UK
Runtime: 30 mins
Host: Michael Moynihan
Director of Photography: William Fairman
Producers: Andy Capper / Stuart Griffiths
Original Forma: HD 25/1080p

After The Good Friday Agreement the worlds press forgot about the troubles in Belfast. In the lead up to the "Twelfth Parade" in July this year tensions between communities were running higher than any period in recent memory: just weeks before, after altercations between nationalists and unionists in East Belfast ended in riots and multiple shootings, including a camera man. What better time to explore Belfast and marinate in the divisive hate.


Fraud Country: UK
Runtime: mins
Producers: William Fairman, Andy Capper
Co-Producer: Graham Johnson
Camera: William Fairman, Hugo Donkin
Editor: Hugo Donkin
Executive Producers: Eddy Moretti, Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi

Fraud is the fastest growing crime in the world. It is estimated to cost the UK £30billion every year, and $3trillion globally. If the fraud industry were a country, it would the 5th most productive country in the world, ahead of France, the UK and Canada.
In April 2011, we were introduced to Tony, one of Britain’s most successful fraudsters, who spent 6 years on the run from the police. In this film Tony introduces us to London’s underground fraud network and shows us the ease with which it’s possible to carry out the crime. We meet bored teenagers who put ex-girlfriends in debt for fun, Nigerian 419 scammers who con money out of the IRA, career criminals who are attracted to the easier life that fraud offers, and we also witness the lifestyle they aspire to – at Dave Courtney’s sex dungeon.
In Tony’s own words: ‘Money means nothing. Buy now, pay never.’

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