How To Start A Revolution
How To Start A Revolution

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How To Start A Revolution


    Sunday 02 October 18:45
  • Monday 03 October 14:00
  • All Tickets £10.00/£5.00


83 mins

Director: Ruaridh Arrow Country: UK
Writer: Ruaridh Arrow Original Format: DSLR & HDCam
Dir. of Photography: Philip Bloom Print Source: Ruaridh Arrow
Producer: Ruaridh Arrow
Cast: Gene Sharp, Jamila Raqib, (collaboration Bob Helvey)

Film Details

European Premiere

In Competition: Best Documentary

Short Synopsis:

Gene Sharp runs the Albert Einstein Institution, publishing texts that inspire non-violent uprisings such as ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy.’ Timely and life-affirming, this is a powerfully hopeful documentary.


How To Start A RevolutionNot many people have heard of Gene Sharp or the Albert Einstein Institution. It operates out of a room in Gene’s house which has been converted into an office with only two staff – himself and his Executive Director Jamila Raqib. And yet if you turn on the news today you will probably see Gene’s ideas in practice in most of today’s political hot-spots.
Gene Sharp is the pioneer of non-violent struggle against dictatorships. Founded in 1983, the Albert Einstein Institution publishes Sharp’s works: works such as his flagship book ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy’ that have inspired non-violent uprisings and overthrows of dictators from Bosnia to Syria. Focusing on toppling the social pillars that support corrupt governments and uniting police, military and people against a common enemy, Sharp’s work is enduring and powerful, a ray of hope for oppressed people.
How to Start a Revolution is an incredible documentary, interviewing Gene, Jamila and many of the people they have inspired to change the ways whole countries are run. Powerful images and music create a life-affirming atmosphere, only heightened by footage of terrifying regimes falling under pressure from their disenchanted subjects. A hopeful message pervades the film, a truth to be heeded by anyone struggling against oppression: as long as you don’t surrender, you never lose.
Orestes Kouzof

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