Events and Workshops

www.Why Webisodes Work

Saturday 01 October – 12 noon
A first for Raindance: We’ll be introducing the concept of original web series and why we think more UK filmmakers should be looking at this new genre of filmmaking; how storytelling differs from shorts, films and television; how web series can potentially earn money; and, why advertising brands are looking at investing in your web series ideas. Info & Tickets

Festival Backstage Tour

Sunday 2 October – 12 noon
Let Raindance founder Elliot Grove take you on a whirlwind tour up through the projection booth, and explain the ins and outs of starting and running Britain’s oldest continuously running indepedendent film festival. Hear first hand how festival politics work and how a film festival can be either great or terrible for your film. Book Tickets

Live!Ammunition! Pitching Event

Monday 03 October – 6.45pm
This is your chance to pitch your movie idea directly to a panel of film executives. These are the people who matter. They are the people who buy scripts - they are the people who decide what will be made and what won't. Info & Tickets

Script to Screen / Presented by RANKIN FILM PRODUCTIONS

Thursday 6 October – 6.15pm
Award winning writer Tony Grisoni, known for such films as 'The Unloved', 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', 'The Red Riding Trilogy'  will talk through one of his acclaimed projects with a special guest, explaining the complex journey of writing for screen and transporting a project from paper to filmed drama.  Discussion followed by Q&A. Book Tickets

Have you got what it takes to be a Maverick? / Josh Golding

Saturday 8 October – 12 noon
In this talk, Josh Golding, author of ‘Maverick Screenwriting’ (Bloomsbury 2012) will challenge you to think outside the box. Do you want to get your film noticed, to create a stir at festivals? Josh will introduce you to narrative and stylistic strategies to help your story stand out from the crowd. Book Tickets

Femmes Talk Film / Presented by Women in Film and Television

Saturday 8 October – 6.30pm
Join Women in Film & TV for a frank discussion with some of the festival’s top women directors and producers and hear about the ups and downs of film production from a female perspective.

Panel includes Eleanor Burke, director of award-winning film, Stranger Things. More panelists to be announced. Book Tickets

Music for less – but not for nothing / Presented by ThinkSync

Sunday 9 October – 12 noon
Your film’s finished. All you need to do is nail the music. With no money left for decent music your film won’t work. Musicians pay rent and even eat as often as once a day. And they aren’t free. Learn the tips, tricks and sleights of hand to stop the budget getting out of control. Book Tickets