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Better Than Something Better Than Something / Alex Hammond, Ian Markiewicz - USA

UK Premiere
Sunday 9th October 12 Noon Book Online Now
Better Than Something: Jay Reatard is a feature documentary about the controversial and prolific rock icon Jimmy Lee Lindsey, better known to the world as Jay Reatard. This intimate portrait, captured just months before his untimely passing, brings us incredibly close to Jay's complicated punk-rock world in Memphis, Tennessee.

Camp CasseroleCamp Casserole/ Anthony Pedone - USA

World Premiere
Friday 30 September 14:15 Book Online Now
Steve Balderson is a maverick indie filmmaker who has been described as 'the best kept secret in American cinema'. This documentary provides an insight into his unique approach to filmmaking with the production of his latest film The Casserole Club.

Color Me Obsessed, A Film About Replacements Color Me Obsessed, A Film About The Replacements/ Gorman Bechard - USA

Europe Premiere
Thursday 06 October 13:00 Book Online Now
The Replacements may not be a band familiar with modern audiences but for those who know them and those who grew up with their music they were genuine Rock'n'Roll icons. This documentary charts their career in loving and exhaustive detail.

Ferroz Wild Riding Hood Ferozz Wild Riding Hood / Jorge Molina  - Cuba / Costa Rica

UK Premiere
Wednesday 05 October 21:00 Book Online Now
Set on the outskirts of the Cuban jungle, this film tells the story of one seriously dysfunctional family. Dolores and her daughter Miranda must contend with a psychopathic grandmother, an abusive father and imbecilic uncle. Ferozz: Wild Riding Hood is a bizarre and twisted take on the classic fairytale.

Mother Of Rock: Lillian RoxonMother of Rock: Lilian Roxon/ Paul Clarke - Australia 

UK Premiere
Sunday 02 October 21:15 Book Online Now
Mother of Rock: Lillian Roxon shines a light into the decadent world of Max’s Kansas City, a tiny underground club in New York, and Lillian Roxon’s place in documenting the emerging rock revolution as it rolled over the US in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Music From The Big House Music From the Big House / Bruce McDonald - Canada, USA 

UK Premiere
Tuesday 04 October 18:30 Book Online Now      
Canadian blues singer Rita Chiarelli goes to one of America’s toughest jails to discover the inmates incredible talent.

Noise And ResistanceNoise And Resistance / Francesca Araiza Andrade & Julia Ostersag - Germany

UK Premiere
Thursday 05 October 16:15 Book Online Now
A documentary about DIY punk and political action through music and community.

Orchids My Intersex Adventure Orchids, My Intersex Adventrue/ Phoebe Hart - Australia

Europe Premiere
Saturday 08 October 14:30 Book Online Now        
Documentary filmmaker, Phoebe Hart, comes clean on a journey of self-discovery around her hidden intersex* condition

A Rubber Band Is An Unlikely Instrument A Rubber Band Is An Unlikely Instrument / Matt Boyd - USA

Europe Premiere
Monday 03 October 18:00 Book Online Now
An eccentric Brooklyn musician wrestles with the complexities of life, family and a stable future on the fringes of a new American landscape.

Werewolves Across AmericaWerewolves Across America/ James Hall, Edward Lovelace - USA

UK Premiere
Saturday 01 October 13:40 Book Online Now       
“You wanna go home but you don’t really know where home is.”Nonconformists in search of something other than the American Dream.

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