North American Indies

After Fall, Winter After Fall, Winter/ Eric Schaeffer - USA

Europe Premiere
Saturday 01 October 20:45 Book Online Now
Winter is a secretive, dangerous, sexy love story about a French dominatrix who falls in love with a New York writer in Paris. The incredible sequel to Schaeffer’s Fall, this film of a destructive love affair in Paris is a tragic romance that will linger with you long after it ends

Another Earth Another Earth / Mike Cahill - USA

UK Premiere
September 28 - 18:00 Book Online Now
On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.

The Black Belle The Black Belle / Brian Mcguire - USA

World Premiere
Thursday 06 October 18:30 Book Online Now
A quirky and unconventional American comedy drama about lust, love, fidelity and obsession.  Femme fatale Belle is the kind of girl that every guy falls in love with, much to the dismay of her boyfriend Franklyn, who will do anything he can to keep her for himself.

BlindingBlinding / Steve Sanguedolce - Canada

UK Premiere
Monday 03 October 16:00 Book Online Now    
Blinding is a film about the beauty and curse of vision.  It follows the story of three people who have experienced a major eruption in their life forcing them to redefine their understanding of the world.       

Bumrush Bumrush / Michel Jette - Canada

Europe Premiere
Saturday 08 October 14:00 Book Online Now
A film about turf wars and power struggles in the criminal underworld of Quebec. When two criminal kingpins are arrested there is a power vacuum and bloody war between different criminal factions. Security guy Pappy is forced to recruit a crack team of ex-army buddies to restore peace and order. 
Book Online Now

The Casserole Club The Casserole Club / Steve Balderson - USA

International Premiere
Thursday 29 September 18:45 & Friday 30 September 14:45 Book Online Now
Former Backstreet Boys crooner Kevin Richardson makes his film acting debut in this melodrama set in 1969 about irresponsibility, selfishness and damaged people.

The Color WheelThe Color Wheel / Alex Ross Perry - USA

UK Premiere
Tuesday 04 October 16:15 Book Online Now
The Color Wheel is the sad, strange story of JR, an increasingly transient aspiring news-anchor, as she forces her disappointing younger brother Colin to embark on a road trip to move her belongings out of her professor-turned-lover’s apartment.

Days Gone By Days Gone By / John Zhao - USA

World/UK Premiere
Monday 03 October 16:00 Book Online Now                     
A man’s quest to cure his dying lover in a town plagued by disease, plunges him into a hallucinatory journey that will change his life forever.

Dick NightDick Night
/ Andy Viner - USA

World Premiere
Wednesday 04 October 16:30 Book Online Now
Dick Night is an indie comedy/horror splice all about vampires. Well, not vampires, but people who really, really want to be vampires. And it’s not really all about vampires, either.

Gabi On The Roof In JulyGabi On The Roof In July/ Lawrence Michael Levine - USA

Europe Premiere
Saturday 02 October 16:45 Book Online Now
Sassy college girl Gabi tears apart the facade of the New York art scene, along with her older brothers life,  in this vibrant American indie.

Green Green  / Sophia Takal - USA

Europe Premiere
Saturday 01 October 20:45  Book Online Now
Genevieve, a New York intellectual, moves to the country with her self-involved journalist boyfriend Sebasttian, while he works on his lastest project about sustainable farming

Little Rock Still Little Rock / Mike Ott - USA

UK Premiere
Friday 07 October 16:15 Book Online Now
When their car breaks down on a site-seeing tour of California, two Japanese siblings wind up stranded in a small desert town.

Restive Restive
/ Jeremiah Jones - USA

International Premiere
Tuesday 04 October 20:45 Wednesday 05 October 14:15 Book Online Now
A woman and her child are pursued through the woods by two red-neck brothers, in this atmospheric, abstract thriller that touches on religious themes of redemption and revenge. 

State Of EmergencyState Of Emergency / Will and Clay Turner - USA

World Premiere
Wednesday 05 October 20:45 Book Online Now
After a chemical explosion in a small town, hapless everyman Jim finds himself in the middle of a nightmarish catastrophe.  Without time to mourn a tragic personal loss, he is forced to fight for his own life, stumbling across a group of fellow survivors hauled up in an abandoned farm.

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