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Fambul TokFambuk Tok
/ Sara Terry – USA / Sierra Leone

European Premiere
Thursday 29 September 16:30 Book Online Now
Sierra Leone’s civil war turned neighbour against neighbour and now peace has descended many deep wounds remain unhealed. The only hope of moving forward lies in the African tradition of confession, apology and forgiveness, as this clear-sighted documentary shows.

Heaven + EarthHeaven + Earth + Joe Davis / Peter Sasowsky - USA

UK Premiere
Saturday 01 October 18:30 & Sunday 02 October 10:00 Book Online Now
A fascinating and genuinely profound film, offering insight into one man’s truly unique mind. Joe Davis is a scientist, an artist a poet and a philosopher. This documentary depicts his world in great detail and depth.

Holly RollersHoly Rollers / Bryan Storkel - USA

UK Premiere

Friday 07 October 18:30  Book Online Now
Holy Rollers follows a team of Christian card-counting Blackjack players who must overcome problems with internal politics and conscience to survive.

How To Start A RevolutionHow to Start A Revolution / Ruaridh Arrow - UK

European Premiere
Sunday 02 October 18:45 Book Online Now
HOW TO START A REVOLUTION is the remarkable untold story of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp, the world's leading expert on non-violent revolution.

Kingdom Of SurivalThe Kingdom Of Survival / M.A. Littler – Germany / USA

European Premiere
Tuesday 04 October 14:15 Book Online Now
Constructed of interviews with a an array of rebellious thinkers and political mavericks, The Kingdom of Survival is a thought provoking documentary representing dissident political ideas and interrogating the status quo of 21st Century society.

Melissa: Mom and MeMelissa: Mom and Me / Limor Pinhasov, Yael Shachar - Israel

European Premiere
Sunday 09 October 16:00
Book Online Now
Melissa and Yael met seven years ago when they both worked as strippers in Tokyo. Yael has moved back to Israel and is about to start a family but she can’t get Melissa out of her head and decides to track her down before taking the plunge into motherhood.

Scenes Of A CrimeScenes Of A Crime / Blue Hadaegh, Grover Babcock - USA

International Premiere
Monday 03 October 21:00 Book Online Now
As opposed to the jury, who convict Adrian on the basis that 'they could just tell he was guilty' and 'he looks lazy'. Medical experts also appear to be ignoring scientific facts and acting on emotions.Scenes of a Crime delves into these issues with gusto, adding another controversial subject to the matter of unfair accusations: false confessions made due to psychological pressure exerted by the police.

Soka AfricaSoka Africa / Suridh Hassan – UK / France / South Africa

UK Premiere
Sunday 09 October 12:20 Book Online Now
Football may in many ways be a great leveller, but the experiences of sporting hopefuls in Africa can differ wildly, as this documentary shows. Following the contrasting tales of two boys, it shows how football can offer salvation from poverty for some – and a devastating fantasy for others.

Uspomene 667Uspomene 677 / Mirko Pincelli – Bosnia Herzegovina / UK

UK Premiere

Friday 30 September 20:30 & Saturday 01 October 19:00 Book Online Now
In a Bosnia fighting for EU membership yet threatened by possible return to war, the new generations, often in contrast with their parents, are desperate to find a way to live together for a different, peaceful tomorrow. Will they succeed?

Where My Heart BeatsWhere My Heart Beats / Khazar Fatemi - Sweden

World Premiere
Saturday 08 October 16:00, Sunday 09 October 10:00 Book Online Now
A poetic journey of self discovery and a powerful dedication to the humanity of the innocent people of Afghanistan, who have suffered so much for so long.

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