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 And the October 4th winners are:

Live!Ammunition!27 pitches last night and over a hundred people showed up despite the tube strike!
Excellent pitches and an excellent panel.

Best Pitch: Paul Joeseph Condemned
1st runner Up: Kerric Harvey Children of the Reich
2nd Runnerup: Jonathan Hayser Goodbye to the Afterlife of Cook and Moore

Next Live!Ammo! at The Screenwriters Festival on Saturday 30th October


Pitch your movie idea, improve your skills, impress your friends and our panel, convince them to pick your idea up for further development!

Have you got a great idea for a movie?

This is it! Your chance to pitch your movie idea directly to a panel of top film executives. These are the people who matter. They are the people who buy scripts - they are the people who decide what will be made and what won't.

To pitch, just drop a fiver in the hat, and the floor is yours. You have two minutes to convince the panellist to read your script or make your film. They can and will gong you off if you are boring.

›› Don't read from cards. It destroys eye contact
›› Sell the sizzle, not the steak
›› Be brief, don't be boring
›› Be entertaining

Improve your pitching skills and get instant feedback. Some pitches have gone into production these include Meet The Parents (1994), 51st State (1995), Siamese Cop (1996) and White Bhaji (2001).


Henry Beattie - Acquisitions Executive (Momentum Pictures)

Henry started his career working in acquisitions for New Line Cinema and currently works for Momentum Pictures where he has been involved in the acquisition of titles ranging from The Crazies to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Tamara Drewe.

Ailsa Ferrier - Acquisitions Executive (Artificial Eye)

Ailsa Ferrier is the Acquisitions Executive at UK distributors Artificial Eye, previously working at Curzon Cinemas. Ailsa is also a practising artist, exhibiting work across Europe, and is part of the Artist collective Transidency.

Jo Podmore – Co-Founder Exile Media Group

Jo Podmore is one of the founders of Exile Media.  Exile was established by several partners with a vast and varied experience from across the British Film and TV industries.  Exile is built on a passion for film and a desire to see the development of new talent and film makers within a commercially vibrant business.

Exile Media fund, produce, finish and distribute films in the UK and the US.

Steffen Wild - Producer (Fourth Culture Films)

Steffen is an award-winning Producer and Managing Director of London-based production company Fourth Culture Films. 
He has been working in the film industry for the past nine years on productions with 20th Century Fox, BBC and Arte.  Since 2006, he has also advised and worked on several co-productions with mainland China, including the award-winning Chinese war epic Nanking! Nanking! (City of Life and Death). His most recent productions include crime/drama Baseline and Czech co-production comedy/action feature TACHO.

Greg Hauptner - CEO (G-Star Studios)

Greg Hauptner is the Founder/CEO/CFO of the G-Star Studios in Palm Springs, Florida, USA.  With over 100,000 sq. ft. under roof in the motion picture complex, it is the largest film studio in the State of Florida. 
In addition, G-Star owns the largest Film, TV Production and Acting high school in the nation.  G-Star is the only educational institution in the world that is creating a film industry to employ its students when they graduate from college.

What You Said About Live!Ammuntion!

"Just a wee note to thank you all for a great event last night. There were a few of us that came along and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! Made even more special by Lynne's pitch - Eye Contact being joint runner up and receiving great interest particularly from Cat Villiers.  Then....
getting the bite me T-shirt was just the icing on the cake - far too much excitement for one night!  :O)

What fun.  Well done guys, and thanks again!" Have a great day
- Mims

"Had a great night at Ammunition - surprisingly, I totally enjoyed my first ever film pitch. I admit I was terrified, I had 30 seconds, and my adrenalin was rushing, but the atmosphere was warm and encouraging. I was overjoyed and will never forget the moment when the crowd and the panel wanted me to finish the pitch.Thanks for a superb event!"
- Daniel J

"I just wanted to say thanks for your encouraging comments last night – they are absolutely priceless – especially since they come at a time when, baffled by reading too much about structure, I have been wrestling with the negative voice that I am sure afflicts many writers “this is completely uncommercial and no-one will be interested – does it even work as a story? – so where are the act breaks?” I even thought of cancelling at the last minute! The encouragement & feedback for participants is also one of the great things about liveammo - so long may it continue!"
  - Hamish M

"I thank you Raindance for the wonderful live ammo event last evening. It was wonderful to come across some brilliant ideas and above all it was a fantastic learning experience in the art of pitching.
[I'll try to muster some courage when it is held the next time]."
- Sanjay

Past Panellists

  • Ewan McGregor, the Actor
  • Sally Caplan, head of the Premiere Fund at the UK Film Council
  • Malcolm Gerrie, founder and Chief Executive of Whizz Kid Entertainment
  • Lora Fox Gamble, Producer, Another Life, Spanish Fly, Prague Duet
  • Robert Jones (UK Film Council)
  • Charles Steel, producer Last King of Scotland
  • Menhaj Huda, director Kidulthood
  • Elisar Cabrera, international film sales agent, High Point Films
  • Jim Wilson, producer Shaun of the Dead
  • Matthew Dench, talent agent, Dench Arnold
  • Dean Goldberg (Park Caledonia)
  • Michael Cowan, (Spice Factory)
  • Richard Elfman, Producer, Director, Actor, Writer
  • Jeremy Wooding - Bollywood Queen
  • Penny Woolcock -The Principles of Lust
  • Sarah Gavron - This Little Life
  • Norma Heyman, producer
  • Richard Holmes, producer, Gruber Films
  • Brock Norman Brock, The Film Council
  • Roger Corman, Producer
  • Lloyd Kaufman, Producer, Actor, Director, Writer
  • Shane Meadows Director/Writer, Once Upon A Time in the Midlands, 28 Days Later, This Is England
  • Nik Powell - Scala Films
  • Seamus McGarvey - Award winning cinematographer of 'The Hours'
  • Anna Thomas - Producer of Oscar nominated 'El Norte' and co-writer of
  • 'Frida'.
  • Matthew Vaughan, Producer, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Layer Cake, Stardust
  • Coline Woodcock, Kuhn and Co.
  • Ed King, Development, Rocket Pictures
  • Steve Gaydos Editor, Variety UK
  • Antonia Bird - Director, Ravenous, Face, Mad Love, Priest
  • Tracey Scoffield - Head of Development and Executive Producer, BBC Films
  • Morwenna Banks - Writer/Actress, The Announcement
  • Leslee Udwin - Producer, East is East, The One and Only
  • Nahrein Mirza - Head of Development, Littlebird Pictures
  • Lora Fox Gamble, Prod


Maximum number of places: 150

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This course is suitable for novice and experienced filmmakers

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