A Very British Scandal

A Very British Scandal


    Thursday 30 September 4:00 pm


16 mins

Director: Phil Birchall Country: UK/Chagos Islands
Writer: Phil Birchall Original Format: DVCAM
Dir. of Photography: Phil Birchall Print Source: PCA
Producer: Phil Birchall
Cast: N/A

Film Details

UK Premiere


A Very British Scandal is a documentary that provides a damning indictment of British political attitudes towards it’s own citizens. The film focuses on the Chagos archipelago in the Indian Ocean. In 1967 the British government expelled hundreds of poor people from the islands into slums in neighbouring Mauritius. Using stock footage and interview footage shot by the filmmaker, A Very British Scandal attempts to examine the plight of the Chagossian people and helps to show the world the injustices carried out by the British government.
Written, Produced and Directed by Phil Birchall

BA (Hons) Film Arts (2010)