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The Actress Who Fell In Love With Herself

This is a film about an actress who fell in love with herself (we all know one) dedicated to...

The An UnQuiet Mind

Shuei - in a manic state - witnesses herself in a state of euphoria at her dancing studio. This is her mercurial journey of mood swings and deep restlessness.

Annie Goes Boating

A laconic portrait of a girl on a picnic in the park with her friends, in stereo 3D.


A story about a frog, who is love to make his companions stand as a line.


Any Little Thing

A father visiting his daughter is sent by her to buy a six pack of water. On the way from the kiosk to her house he discovers in peculiar ways her secret, that she is having an affair with her neighbor from downstairs,who is married with a child.

Arithmetic - Annie's Life in Numbers

One may be the loneliest number, but it's compromise-free.

Article #38

An exiled former militant must save his kidnapped daughter from an unstable persecutor. The ransom – the stolen childhood in the name of war.

A Time For Everything

FD Film Arts Year Two (2010)

A Very British Scandal

BA (Hons) Film Arts (2010)

The Awakening

Captain Zip plays a business man with a particular world hiding under his bed, revealed only when the night falls. Also featuring Scary Goth Girl.

Bad Call

After stealing his girlfriend phone, furious Dave arranges a date with a man he believes is having an affair.

Barber's Dozen

Blurring the boundaries between drama and documentary, this fast paced doc will trip you up with it's banter and leave you craving more.

The Beekeeper

When his son’s girlfriend becomes pregnant as a result of their affair, a beekeeper must sacrifice his integrity for his iniquity.

Big Day Of Fishing

Two friends head out into the ocean for a day of fishing. One returns.


In a decaying Scottish community, a lonely man witnesses a violent attack that gives him a reason to exist.

The Birdman of Tamworth

Bridie Spicer, talks about coming to terms with the loss of her son, Leon, a private in the Staffordshire Regiment, British Army, killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2005. He had been in Iraq for only seven weeks.

Bring Me Up

A boy grows up along a "Sugoroku". This work describes about the process of his growth for which he depends on his parents. His family plays the parts of roles in "Sugoroku". His father runs a dice and his mother picks him up, and he goes on his way passively. By when does the family sistem like Sugoroku continue? One day he decides to cut off his relationship with his familly...


Simon's brother Mark suffers from Fragile x syndrome.  Simon believes his failure to lead a normal adolescent life is solely down to his brothers disability.

Bunky Echo Hawk

As a proACTIVE ARTist, Bunky Echo Hawk works to break down stereotypes of Native American people using his paints, brushes, canvas, mind, and his culture.


An interview with a local star.

Cato In Wonderland

A light-hearted and funny documentary short. A typical day in the life of Cato Heath, a 21-year-old college student living with cerebral palsy. 

Charlie And The Rabbit

After watching Bugs Bunny, Charlie, a four-year-old boy, decides to hunt a rabbit of his own.


The Chronoscope

A mocumentary about a beautiful scientist in the 1930s who invents a machine that can see into the past.


There is a stone pillar that continues long and long. Climbers are climbing it. Each climber keeps climbing the stone pillar spending time. They are the symbols of accumulation.


Close To Home

A scout robot explores its environment, which is closer to home than you may think.

Clown Showdown

A little girl squares up to a clown in a quiet cul-de-sac. It's payback time.


We witness the fraught encounter between a group of strangers, all of whom are dissatisfied with life. They choose to take their frustration out on someone who is different... but all is not what it seems.

Coyote Dream

FD Film Arts Year Two (2010).

Dear Friend,

A man seeks resolution by tapping into the foreign and feminine aspects of his emotional life when writing to his recently deceased friend.

Danny Boy

In a world that seems lost, a young poet falls in love. There is a poetic light behind the dark clouds of the world...

Deeper Than Yesterday

After three months submerged underwater, the men have become savages. Oleg fears that losing perspective may mean losing himself.


Hebron, the night of the Jewish settlement Masquerade. 15 year old Samer insists on taking his older sister Ayat to collect her diploma from the Palestinian university. Walking through the city rooftops and narrow side allies they must avoid the settlers, the army and the curious new foreign reporters.


A haunting, atmospheric story of a young woman's abduction and desertion in the woods--and the eight items left behind.


A delirious intersection of post-WWII Hollywood mythology and crime scene photography.


An astronaut begins to reflect upon his life and his place in the universe after he is left stranded on the surface of the moon.


BA (Hons) Film Arts (2010)

The Extraordinary Dreams Of The Extraordinary Girl

Even extraordinary dreams can become true.

Extraordinary Toys

Toys who put the action into action figure...


Fatum is the boundless force of opposition against free will... He himself is but the toy of his fears.


A petty criminal becomes the subject of young student's documentary. Dima and Sarah become emotionally tied up, until reality hits their lives.



Frog In The Well

Following his mother's wishes, Jo, a reclusive young tailor from Tokyo embarks on a solitary journey across Japan.


Created using a technique of live action, photography, motion graphics and custom built software to create the look of an animated film. Fuse is a dark and epic tale of one man's panicked awakening to an empty city he can't remember.