Sounds Like a Revolution

Sounds Like a Revolution


    Wednesday 6 October 7:15pm


76 mins

Director: Summer Love Country: Canada
Writer: Susan Martin Original Format: SD/HD
Dir. of Photography: Summer Love Print Source: Summer Love
Producer: Summer Love & Jane Michener
Cast: Michael Franti, The Dixie Chicks, David Crosby

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

In the 21st Century, due to political and ideological censorship and corporate control over the music industry it’s harder than ever for politicised musicians to reach a significant audience. This documentary is about the current uprising of protest music in America.


Today, due to the corporate monopoly over what gets airplay and exposure, it is harder than ever for independent, politically motivated musicians to reach large audiences. Sounds like a Revolution documents this imbalance in the music industry, telling the story of these underground artists who are fighting against the odds to get their message across. This is a documentary about the new generation of politically motivated musicians who use their music to communicate dissident social ideas and encourage political action.

This movement is described from the perspective of four independent artists including Fat Mike from punk band NOFX and folk/reggae singer Michael Franti. We see the worrying cultural shift since the 1960s when politically subversive artists such as Dylan and Neil Young were backed by major labels and had a strong voice in the mainstream, to today’s highly censored music culture where artistic integrity and creativity is stifled by corporate interests.

Focusing mainly on these four artists, with interviews and live footage, the film also features insights from veteran protest musicians such as David Crosby and Pete Seeger. We get a strong sense of the passion and conviction which has crossed generations and it would be hard to watch Sounds like a Revolution without feeling stirred and genuinely inspired by these people’s determination to have their voices heard and make a difference.   


Followed by Q&A


All films to be screened at:

Apollo Cinema: Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street