Friday 1 October 7:30pm


95 mins

Director: Thomas Ikimi Country: UK, Nigeria
Writer: Thomas Ikimi Original Format: RED
Dir. of Photography: Jonathan Harvey Print Source: Thomas Ikimi
Producer: Thomas Ikimi, Arabella Page-Croft, Kieran Parker
Cast: Idris Elba, Eamonn Walker, Monique Curnen

Film Details

London Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A Black Ops soldier begins to disintegrate mentally as he broods over the legacy of his actions in this taut psychological thriller.

Repeat Screening:

Saturday 2 October 12:00 pm
Screen B
Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus,
19 Lower Regent street,

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After a botched operation in Eastern Europe Malcolm Gray, played with incredible conviction by Idris Elba, an operative in a black-ops unit known as Darkhammer, finds himself at the mercy of sinister gun runner Solenko. His own brother and the man who founded Darkhammer, Senator Darnell Gray JR, has seemingly sold them down the river. Or has he? As this thriller continues the truth of the events unfolding before our eyes becomes increasingly vague, along with the mental state of Malcolm himself.

Now holed up in a run-down Brooklyn tenement, his body riddled with scars, like the canvas of an abstract expressionist, Malcolm has escaped the horrendous torture at least partly intact. The film is largely set within these four suffocating walls as our unreliable protagonist attempts to sell his story to a journalist in order to reveal the rotten foundations of his brother’s political career to the world, and to save Valentina, the woman he loved who he now discovers to be Darnell’s wife.

Malcolm’s growing dementia is worthy of Tim Robbin’s disturbing slide from reality in Jacob’s Ladder, and writer/director Thomas Ikimi skilfully orchestrates his mental decay; feeding the audience hints and flashbacks at just the right pace. In what is only his second feature Ikimi has crafted both an unbearably tense and superbly shot thriller and a highly complex mind-game. As a result you can’t help but feel you may be in the presence of another Christopher Nolan in the making.

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Apollo Cinema: Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street

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