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All I Ever Wanted: The Airborne Toxic Event...

Concert film documenting The Airborne Toxic Event’s epic 2009 homecoming show
With Q&A after screening with the band and the filmmaker.

Alive [Gjalle]

Koli, a college student, hides in the countryside to escape a blood feud, but soon realizes he has to go back to his school, to his life in the city, at the risk of confronting his assassin.

American Grindhouse

A fascinating look at the history of sensational cinema through the eyes of Exploitation Filmmakers.


In this off-kilter comedy, a woman comes to terms with her husband's strange secret: a compulsive desire to cut off his arms.

Autumn Adagio [Fuwaku no Adagio]

The profoundly beautiful story of a nun rediscovering her emotions.


The lines between relationships blur when a director and two actors begin rehearsing for a film with sex scenes


When a school-girl becomes a call-girl she soon gets out of her depth

Boys On The Run

When menial worker Tanishi falls for colleague Chiharu he must fight a rival company’s star salesman for her honour.

Camp Victory Afghanistan

How does the American National Guard turn illiterate Afghans into an army?  US/ISAF “exit strategy” becomes a tangled, trying, alternately hilarious and  tragic reality in this riveting documentary.


Max, an ex-gangster falls in love with a woman escaping a criminal organization. One day he realizes her terrible secret.

Closing Night Gala + Party

Closing Night Film Son of Babylon followed by our After Party at Tiger Tiger.

Code Red

When a gunman shows up at a high school, a complete lock-down (Code Red) takes place leaving an innocent student stranded in the hallways and frantically seeking safety.  Inside the classroom the knock on the door could be the student - or the gunman.

The Cutting Tradition

Shot in: Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Egypt and Ethiopia. This film highlights the complex social, religious, cultural and economic issues which underpin the ongoing practice of FGM.

Dirty Diaries

A collection of explicit short films about sex and feminist approaches to sex.

Days of Harvest

17-year-old Elia’s summer is spent harvesting the grapes on his parent’s farm and masturbating. When the beautiful Emilia comes to help with the harvest Elia’s life is thrown into turmoil.

Destiny's Stand: It's a Dog Gone Tale

A teenage girl moves to a sleepy Florida town and meets a dog named Destiny residing in a pet shelter that is about to be torn down.  Her efforts to save Destiny from being euthanized lead her to uncovering fraud, extortion, threats and danger, while trying to solve the mystery of the mother she lost as a child.

Do Elephants Pray?

The frustrating world of London advertiser Callum becomes poetically chaotic when free-spirited
French seductress Malika promises to change his life forever... providing he keeps her identity a secret.


A stunning debut exploring the intrepretations of love amongst suburban Parisian teens. This years out-of-the-blue discovery.

Five Daughters

Five women, all working as street prostitutes to fund drug habits, were murdered in the British town of Ipswich in 2006. This is their story.

Flooding With Love For The Kid

A one man cinematic event: the Rambo story shot entirely in a tiny apartment with one man for only $96.


As an Eastern European gang try to move in on Leeds and traffic labour, they cross Billy Murray’s family, the Taylors and his best friend Craig Fairbrass. A turf war ensues and life is cheap.