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32nd December32nd December - Bosnia-Ercegovina

Friday 8 October 6:45pm
Leading up to New Year the lives of several individuals are intertwined through a tragic series of events

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9:06 Slovenia

Thursday 7 October 7:15pm
A police inspector investigates a piano teacher’s unusual suicide

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The Woman with a Broken Nose - Serbia

Monday 4 October 8:30pm
A mysterious woman’s suicidal leap sends shockwaves through the lives of three strangers
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ALIVE! - Albania

Friday 1 October 4:30pm
A college student , hides in the countryside to escape a blood feud, but soon realises he has to go back to shcool, to his life in the city at the risk of confronting his assasin
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Bo - Belgium

Sunday 3 October 6:00pm
When a school-girl becomes a call-girl she soon gets out of her depth

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Cannibal -Belgium

Friday 1 October 10:00pm
Ex gangster Max falls in love with a woman escaping a criminal organisation. He soon discovers her terrible secret

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Days of Harvest - Italy

Saturday 2 October 4:00pm
A gentle coming of age story set in rural Italy

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Donoma - France

Saturday 9 October 8:45pm
A stunning debut exploring the intrepretations of love amongst suburban Parisian teens

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Here I Am / Question In Detail - Hungary

Viktor takes an evening stroll around Budapest, meeting a host of odd characters/Three strangers do not suspect that an old secret connects

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I Believe in Angels - Croatia

Sunday 3 October 4:30pm
A tragicomedy set on a Croatian island where the local postman Sime has a habit of reading his fellow islanders’ mail.
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Iron Doors - Germany

Thursday 7 October 10:30pm
A banker is locked in a vault, faced with the horror of a slow death, his journey of self discovery has only just begun.

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Kino Caravan - Romania

Sunday 3 October 2:30pSent to a small, rural village to assess the politics of the locals and screen a piece of Soviet propaganda, Comrade Tavi grows increasingly confused with his mission as he begins to fall for the beautiful, though introverted, village librarianBook Online Now

My Flesh, My Blood -Poland

Wednesday 6 October 6:45pm
Igor is a professional boxer whose brain has been severely damaged from fighting. His last desire is to leave a child behind as his legacy.
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Nightrunner - Spain

Thursday 30 September 6:30pm
Eduardo, manager of an insurance company, is under a lot of stress and that's why he runs, especially when he is about to explode.
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Robert Mitchum is Dead - France

Saturday 2 October 4:45pm
Unemployed actor Frankie is on a road trip in a stolen car in search of his idol

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Trash - Spain

Saturday 9 October 7:00pm
A Spanish indie drama about the lives and turbulant relationships of two sisters living in Barcelona.

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