Mon Ami


    Friday 26 October 21:30


93 mins


7,00€ (Members)
7,50€ (Non-Members)

Director: Rob Grant Country: Canada
Writer: Rob Grant Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Michael Baier Print Source: Rob Grant
Producer: Scott Mainwood
Cast: Mike Kovac, Scott Wallis, Chelsey Reistr

Canadian writer/director Rob Grant’s followup to his 2009 cult hit Yesterday is a dark comedy with a very serious bite.
 Two hardware store wage slaves, Cal (Scott Wallis) and Teddy (Mike Kovac), decide to take revenge on their boss by kidnapping his blond daughter Crystal (Chelsey Reist) and holding her for ransom.

What follows is a hilarious series of gaffes and romps where every conceivable thing that can go wrong for these two, does – redefining the concept of 'criminally dumb'. Rob Grant has a lot to say with this flick. He isn’t afraid to challenge viewers and their sense of comedy, pushing a wacky concept to the extreme. And yet the film always stays just this side of credible, which keeps the climax both entertaining and tense.

Mon Ami’s world premiere at July’s Montreal Fantasia earned it the plaudits that could see this micro budget feature earning cult status. Reminiscent of both Fargo and Very Bad Things, the pitch black darkness of this comedy is sure to win it die-hard fans on this side of the Atlantic too. Watch this movie and you’ll get sucked into an uproarious debacle of a kidnapping film that has as much to say about friendship as it does about idiotic amateur criminals. An ideal night out.



Tickets 7,00€ (Members) | 7,50€ (Non-Members)


Venue:Sputnik Kino, Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin

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