Percival's Big Night


    Sunday 28 October 19:00


87 mins


7,00€ (Members)
7,50€ (Non-Members)

Director: William C. Sullivan Country: USA
Writer: Jarret Kerr Original Format: Apple ProRes
Dir. of Photography: Brandon Roots Print Source: William C. Sullivan
Producer: Caitlyn Coady
Cast: Tommy Nelms, Jarret Kerr and Sarah Wharton

If finishing uni and going nowhere fast sounds familiar, fear not: Percival and Salvatore are screwing up worse than you ever could. Sat in their flat, talking about girls and arguing over whose dick is bigger, their evening looks set to follow its usual route of smoking and bickering – until Percy announces a grander plan.

Shaken up by the death of a delivery boy, Percy decides it’s time to snare the only woman who can give his life meaning: Chloe, the best and most beautiful client of Sal’s domestic drug-dealing business. After apparently falling head over heels during a five-minute conversation in their kitchen, Percy is adamant she’s the one for him. But how will he get the girl? Will she even turn up like she said she would? And, most importantly, will she mind about his purportedly tiny penis?

As the two friends wait for this girl-shaped Godot to arrive, we see the bromance from all its angles and the actors, script and direction (the film is shot in a seemingly unbroken single take) really start to shine. Ever wondered what happened when the Superbad boys grew up? Well, this is the closest we’re going to get to finding out. Laugh out loud funny, excellently observed and genuinely insightful, this film tackles themes and speaks in a language that will resonate with many.

Abigail Smith



Tickets 7,00€ (Members) | 7,50€ (Non-Members)


Venue:Sputnik Kino, Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin

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