My Olympic Experience

By Shinaide Cameron

London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal How many of you watched the Olympics? London 2012 saw the Brits bring home 29 gold medals. Did you watch any of the Brits win, apart from Mo’ Farah win 5000m? I didn’t. Did you see any Olympic staff on television, public transport or outside the stadiums? Well I was one of the lucky (or not so lucky, in those awful purple uniforms) who worked at the Games.

My job title was: Last Mile Team Member. I was to safely assist spectators into the venue from all public transport points. Sounds pretty straightforward, and it was.

I applied in May this of year, although others applied up to two years ago. I found the job via the London Organization Committee Of the Games (LOCOG) website. The first part of the application process was the same as most jobs- fill in the application form and send in your Curriculum Vitae. I was then given a phone interview. Next, I had a group interview at the LOCOG office. Two weeks later I was finally offered the job at the Greenwich Park venue, but still had to attend a 6 day stewarding course and two separate training days, as well as going down to receive our uniform and staff accreditation.

My first day was awesome. I felt an amazing buzz working in the fast paced environment. We received around 12,000 people at the venue. I was positioned at the main entrance and had to greet and entertain the spectators. We had to do a lot of “pulsing,” which involved us stopping people in order to allow a reasonable crowd flow. I was dreading it, if you can picture a 4 foot 10 inch woman stopping a group of about 50 people, and telling them they must wait until the roads clear before they can leave, sounds insane. But, the people are very polite and patient, which enabled me to do my job easily.

After the initial buzz was gone it got pretty boring. Apparently the talk of the Team Leaders’ common room was about a girl who sewed up her trousers to make them look like skinny jeans, and she even added her own pockets! Well, that girl was me. And no they weren’t skinny jeans, I didn’t add any pockets, and I prefer the term slim fit.

My shifts were a long ten hours of doing nothing. Spectators enter the venue within the first 2.5 hours and then you’ve nothing to do until the sport finished, then you had about an hour and a half of them leaving the venue. By the end of the day my feet were exhausted.

“Inspire a Generation.” – That’s the Olympic motto. Did the London Olympics inspire me in anyway? To be honest I don’t think it did. I’m proud that I have had the experience, but it doesn’t make me want to become an Olympian or anything like that. Its something awesome to put on my CV, and hopefully its one of many events I will work at.

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About The Author

Shinaide CameronShinaide  Cameron is an intern at Raindance.

She is a student at the University of Greenwich, where she studies Events Management.

She would like to manage events within the arts/entertainment industry.

She was born and lives in South London. She wishes to one day travel to South America, the US and Africa.

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