James Cameron Filming
Avatar 2 In New Zealand?

By Erik Waldman

James cameron AvatarI was a big fan of Oscar winner James Cameron because of one reason. He gave us the Terminator films! I had so much respect for a man who could create such entertaining action films, and of course AH-NULD!

After his success with Titanic (overlong but entertaining), he made a few documentaries. I was excited to see what he would bring to the world next.

  In 2008, I learned that he’s been working on a film called Avatar. I was very excited to see it even though I had no idea what it was about. The day it was released, it got rave reviews and early Oscar talk. Could it be that good? I went to see it and in the middle of the film I said: “So is this Pocahontas or Dancing with Wolves, but in space?” I’ve never seen any more lack of originality in my life. Yes, the visual effects were amazing, but it was so predictable of where Cameron was taking the film that I called everything that would happen. I was very disappointed. Not even Sigourney Weaver could save this film.

Raindance Film FestivalRecently, I found out that Cameron is filming a sequel and three-quel to Avatar. Please, no more!! Is Cameron asking for more money? Did the Terminator films and Titanic do nothing for you? You may as well call this film Avatar 2: The Quest for More Dough. Also, you’re filming near a set of one of the most anticipated films of the next two years: Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films. What are you doing James? Are you trying to kidnap Jackson’s crew and pay them quadruple?

Avatar 1 was enough. We don’t need more of your predictable and poorly written films any more you bloodless money-grubbing freak! James, you have a talent with imagery. I’ll give you that. Stick with your upcoming Battle Angel. Take a longer break from Avatar while others waste nearly three hours watching your overrated film on their 3D televisions.

Please James, take your three Oscars to a film set and work on Battle Angel. Another option is to do what the Artist and War Horse did. You can try some old fashioned filmmaking for a change. Ignore what some filmmaking are butchering today with 3D technology and go back to the Terminator franchise to resurrect where Terminator Salvation left it. Ditch Avatar and go back to Terminator or start Battle Angel.

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About The Author

Erik Waldman My name is Erik Waldman. I am a Film/Media Arts major at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently, I am a junior studying abroad at Foundation International Education (FIE) in Kensington. On June 6th, 1991 I was born to Howard and Lisa Waldman in Abington, Pennsylvania. The first film I saw was The Lion King in 1994, and I have loved going to the movies ever since. Even though I was three years old, I remember having a great time watching the movie and enjoying the experience. I attended Holland Elementary, Holland Middle School and graduated from Council Rock High School South in 2009. During my senior year at high school I took a filmmaking class and immediately fell in love with making movies. I wrote and directed two short films and I created three short commercials for an assignment. Also during my senior year I participated with the school’s choir in a tour across England and I loved every minute of it. When it was time to apply for college, I wanted to go to a college that was close to home, because I love being close to my family. I wanted to major in filmmaking because I wanted to learn more about the process than I learned in one semester in high school. Temple University was my top choice because I am the fourth generation in my family to attend, the school is well known for its film program and it has a study abroad program. After two and half years attending Temple, I love the school and its film program, because the professors know exactly what they’re talking about and making the movies has been a blast. I’ve written and directed five short films since my freshman year at Temple and I absolutely love it. I applied for study abroad in London after my sophomore year ended because I wanted a new experience to cherish for the rest of my life and to return to England for the first time since my high school choir trip. I was happy to learn I was able to apply for an internship during my stay in England. I applied to Raindance Film Festival, because Raindance has an amazing history of screening famous directors’ films, such as those of my favourite filmmaker, Christopher Nolan, and they have film classes I would love to attend to learn something I have not yet learned at Temple. A film festival is a great place to start meeting people who in the film business and it’s an amazing experience to write about on a resume. Since January 5th, England has been fantastic. I’ve been exploring London a lot since my arrival and I’m picking up the culture a lot faster than I thought I would. I’ve walked around Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster, Bath, Stonehenge and more. I know there’s a lot more to look forward to, including a football match I’m attending on St. Patrick’s Day, Greenwich, the London Eye, my trip to Dublin, and possibly attending some concerts while I’m here. I feel very happy being in the United Kingdom and I can’t wait to see what else it has to offer. 

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