Indie Filmmaking
Deemed A Capital Crime

British PM David Cameron Restores Death Penalty
by Joel Schulz – Managing Editor, Alberta Buzz

David Cameron I can hear the trapdoors and nooses being tested already. British Prime Minister David Cameron has declared his intent to create serfs out of independent filmmakers. Independent film and commercial productions already pump ₤4.8 billion into the economy of the UK annually, but now the Tory robber barons want even more and are willing to do at the expense of novice and independent filmmakers. (in Irish Gaelic Tory = robber). According to Cameron, we should not invest in art, but instead invest in movie juggernauts that turn big name producers into billionaires, assuming that they are not billionaires already.
The audacity of this man astounds me. By assassinating independent and art form film, he wants to send Britain back to a pre Glorious Revolution nightmare where the nation is devoid of culture, one where promotion of the arts is declared a sin punishable by death. Perhaps he has been hypnotized by the release of Iron Lady. Ms. Maggie was a huge fan of stuffing the pockets of rich and conning the world into thinking that, miraculously, this money will flow down to the poorer and make life more equitable for all. Hell, she even conned Ronald Reagan. Interestingly enough, Reagan did not make the kind of movies that Cameron wishes to produce. It just seems all too timely that such an announcement would be made when the world sees Meryl Streep’s superb performance as Maggie Thatcher, perhaps too good.
Raindance Film FestivalAll film is art, be it independent or mainstream. It is just that independent film does not make groupies out of Prime Ministers the way mainstream productions do. Could it be that he was mesmerized by the fact that executive producer of the Iron Lady, Cameron McCracken, and he share a name in common. However, the Prime Minister’s proposal would even deep six McCracken had he not already made a name for himself. Producers do not start at the top. McCracken did not have $50 million or $100 million for Slumdog Millionaire, which was his 26th film. The word infanticide comes to mind. By pulling out the rug from underneath the novice, there will be no money to allow new filmmakers to live beyond birth.
We enter the realm of the absurd when one ponders the idea that billionaires like Stephen Spielberg or George Lucas would be given subsidies to make films in Britain, or anywhere else on the planet. Does one honestly think that either of these Titans is in need help to make a box office smash? Since when are box office receipts an indication of a good film?
David Cameron must have a fear being accused of being a cultured individual. This evokes memories of the film The Ruling Class. The 14th Earl of Gurney (Peter O’Toole) was certifiably mad. When his doctors told his brother Sir Charles Gurney (William Mervyn) that the Earl was autistic, among other things, his reply was, “I will not have anyone calling my brother artistic”. The word Tory has returned to its Irish roots. He intends to rob the public of film for what it truly is, an art form, and assassinate the careers of those who make them before they get started.

Your Comments Please

There is indeed a lot of bureaucracy and pointlessness in Cameron but
unfortunately it is the case with all leading British politicians
today and we don't have much option at the moment. Just look at the
Milibands - everyone is full of rubbish and quite annoying.

It will take some groundbreaking and drastic changes in our governing
hierarchy before we get politicians who say things that are meaningful
and true rather than some fat cat popularity contest game.

We have all lost hope in today's politicians: Churchill would weep if
he saw what he fought for in WWII had become.

Basically I'm saying that Cameron's ridiculous comments are a
reflection of British politics today and not just exclusive to him
only. The frustration and pointlessness runs much deeper and

BTW I don't support any particular party- I just want to support truth
and what's right'

Wendy Smith

With all the bluster about supporting British film and making more commercially successful movies (something even the mavens in Hollywood haven't figured out how to do consistently), the Tories have decided that the expansion of Pinewood Studios is not a good thing and have blocked it. Talk about left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing (or is it because left is a dirty word for them). They don't even know how to run a government, so God knows what makes them think they are qualified to talk about the film industry, independent or otherwise.

Chris Patmore
Writer • Designer • Photographer

Editor & Publisher
Film & Festivals Magazine
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About The Author

Raindance Alberta Mr. Schulz is Managing Editor of Alberta Buzz which is the Voice of Alberta Canada’s Film, TV, & Digital Screen Industries.

He is also working on the launch of Raindance Alberta.

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Indie Filmmaking Deemed a Capital Crime