Our Top Ten Articles in 2011

With over 1.3m unique page views in 2011, and 8,242 pages, the Raindance.org website has become one of the world's largest independent film websites.

We thought we'd take a look a tthe Google Analytics and see which pages attracted the most attention

At #1 and proving that our core activity is still the main attraction to our website is the the submissions page. In 2011 we had a record number of short fiom, documentary and feature film submissions from 71 countries.
Raindance Film Festival Submissions
16,506 unique views

At #2 is Christian Bell's brilliant Zero Budget Software Guide. This page has everything a website could ask for: a catchy title and damn useful informationFilmmaking
Tips | Zero Budget Software
13,780 unique views

At #3 is a surprise page put together by one of our fabulous interns. This was put up the day after the Oscar nominations went out and got a huge number of hits.
Screenwriting Tips | 2011 Oscar Nominated Scripts
11,697 unique views

At #4 and no surprise at all is a unique collection of scripts from Christopher Nolan:
Christopher Nolan Suite of Scripts and Movies
8,389 unique views

At #5 and ditto: another excellent page put together by our fabuous interns
Coen Brothers Suite of Scripts And Movies
7,838 unique views

At #6 we were amazed by thge response to our brand new postgrad degree we have organised in collaboration with Staffordshire University. And it's either a M.A. or M.Sc. - your choice!
Next intake starts in January 2012 for a April 16 start
Postgraduate Film Degree | London | Raindance
6,517 unique views

At #7 another excellent article from our in-house social media maestro. A classic example of an article that came out of James and the rest of the team answering countless emails and telephone calls about which bit of kit to buy.
10 Pieces of DIY Filmmaking Equipment | Raindance
5,674 unique views

At #8 our tribute to an amazing man:
7 Things Filmmakers Can Learn From Steve Jobs | Raindance
5,540 unique views

At #9 another article by another of our fabulous interns, this time Mirella in Toronto:
Essential Apps for Filmmakers | Raindance
5,518 unique views

At #10 a terrific article by our head of marketing, Frederica Byron, although she is far too shy to take the credit for this one. She has only written two articles for the website, but this one was a home run (as they say in America) or a 'six' as they say inthe UK)
10 Things A Filmmaker Needs Every Day | Raindance
4,949 unique views

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Suzanne - How did you know I had a character looking out of the window? Brilliant article - Thank you!
Geoff Pridmore,

Auteur & Indie,


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Our Top Ten Articles in 2011