Cannes Survival Toolkit 2011

Cannes Film Festival Faye DunawayIn celebration of the Cannes Film Festival, Raindance has assembled some terrifically useful information.

You might want to have a look at, either to make your trip to Cannes easier, or, to make your thoughts of Cannes more interesting, especially for independent filmmakers.

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1) The Cannes Tour, with Elliot Grove

Join Raindance Director Elliot Grove at 11am on Saturday 14 May for a one hour free Tour of the Cannes Film Festival. The Tour will start in front of the Palais, next to the Red Steps. Email info(a) for more details.

You don't need to go to Cannes to look around. Take the 100% Raindance tour of Cannes with Elliot Grove and brought to you courtesy of Tiscali. Click here and enjoy.

2) Official Cannes Festival Screening Guide

Competition and festival films (coming soon).

3) Market Screenings 

It's not all about the Official Selections at the Cannes Film Festival, it's also about Market Films. There are literally hundreds of them. Want to discover the next big hit? Have a look right here.

4) List of Exhibitors at the Marché du Film

Who will be present at this year's Cannes Film Market? Have a look at the list!

5) Cannes Party Planner

For a list of all the parties. Not the penultimate list, but pretty damned close. Start blagging for those tix! Want to know who saw who? And where? Check out the Cannes Party Guide (coming soon).

6) What's happening at the UK Film Centre?

Many events going on once more at the UK Film Centre. Make sure you pop by at some point!
UK Film Centre Guide 2011.

7) And at the American Pavilion?

As usual, very interesting talks at the AmPav! Here's the programme.

Raindance Film Festival

8) Where's The Money?

Truffling around for cash? Here's a nifty Tax and co-production guide.

9) Raindance Guides To Cannes

Finally, what's a trip to the Cotes d'Azur without the time-tested Raindance Guide to Cannes? Perhaps our Top Cannes Tips.

10) Why Rant In Vain?

Do you have any thoughts, rants, raves or news about the Cannes Fim Festival? Send it to Raindance. We'll spread the word, and your words, as long as they aren't too disgusting and filthy! Email us here.

11) World's Best Film Festivals

Is there only Cannes then? Well of course not! Discover the world's top 100 Film Festivals.

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Cannes Survival Guide 2011