By Margherita Pellegrino

Brit Films - A filmmakers resource website, where you can find advice on training and careers within the film industry, and current British productions.

Film London
- A useful site for those based in the capital that covers issues such as events, guides to filming in London, networking, and training.

Guild of British Cinema Technicians - Offers a crew directory, industry news, shows, vacancies with around 500 freelance camera technicians in the film and television industry, and a searchable crew directory. Very handy, although you do need to be a member to access all of its benefits.  An application form needs to be signed by four existing members and then be approved by the GBCT Board.

Writers Guild of Great Britain - The site of the trade union representing all writers in the entertainment sector, where you can learn about protecting your rights as a writer.

Movie scripts and screenplays - If you want to find inspiration and learn how to write a great script, you need to read read read. This site offers you many screenplays to choose from.

KEMPS - Film Television Commercials - Useful database of film commission companies.

BBC - The handy and reliable BBC, with links to various pages including  festivals, useful resources, shorts and UK exhibitors, as well as regional pages for all areas of the UK

Film Office - Insightful information with regards to costs and permits and filming in particular locations.

BBC Weather
- Its England. It'll probably rain...

What is Raindance?Raindance UK – The site of UK's biggest independent film festival. Over 6,000 pages of resources. Between 1,500 and 2,000 individuals check out this site every day. The international trade paper based in London that has grown in popularity in Europe in America because of it's timely coverage and spot-on editorials

OTT Films – Filmmakers community  where you can talk to fellow filmmakers and share advice, help and inspiration. OTT currently runs the Raindance forum as well.

Talent Circle - Purports to be the largest network of individuals working in independent film and production.

Shooting people - Very useful site to share ideas, collaborators and knowledge. Watch other people’s work and keep updated on training and learning opportunities. They also run lots of competitions with big brands.

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About The Author

Margherita Pellegrino Margherita Pellegrino moved to the UK from Italy five years ago, studied Sociology and is now about to finish a Masters Degree in United States Studies.

She is obsessed with cinema and the United States (especially New York) and loves to write (and talk) incessantly about both.

She would like to work as a reviewer/film critic, or maybe in casting because she has a sixth sense about people.

Margherita is presently intening at Raindance.


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