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For indie film makers festivals = opportunities to showcase their work, make themselves known in the industry and get awarded for their efforts (or not).

With the ‘cinema d’essai’s becoming more and more rare in Italy nowadays, festivals are the most important platform for independent cinema. Lovers of indie often travel North to South and vice-versa to catch the main events and escape from the invasion of American blockbusters and ‘cinepanettoni’.

Italian independent film festivals

Roma Independent Film Festival one of the most prestigious, features a jury of international professionals. Winners are awarded with financial aids and the chance to have their film screened in cinemas nationwide.

Roma3 Film Teatro Festival ( ) is a somewhat more low-key event which works closely with the University of Rome to create a place to share ideas, connections and knowledge.

Rom’art Independent Festival ( is held by the Sinergy Art Studio in Rome, which also offers a wide range of courses, including ‘theatre for children’, ‘pronunciation’ and English.

Torino Film Festival ( ) one of the most important and prestigious in Italy, is directed by award winning director Gianni Amelio and focuses particularly on young cinema.

Imaginaria Film Festival ( ) is aimed at discovering and nurturing new talents particularly in the sector of digital and new trends. It is held in the city of Conversano in Apulia.

Tekfestival ( is held in Rome, and focuses on using cinema to explore social issues.

Pesar Horror Fest ( is a festival for the showcase of international horror films in Pesaro in the Marche region.

Young About International Film Fest ( held in Bologna, it is aimed at young aspiring filmmakers, and represents a place where young people (both from Italy and abroad) can meet and share experiences and ideas. The festival website has a very good English version.

Festival del Cinema di Locarno ( one of the most famous festivals and important platform for independent filmmakers. Although it is in Switzerland, the official language of the region is Itlalian so it counts, kind of.

Salento International Film Festival ( is particularly interesting for its emphasis on bridging the gap between national and international through cinema, seen as ‘the most powerful language’.

Video Festival Imperia ( Accepts international submissions, and the website has an English version. It is held in the town of Imperia.

Mostra Internazionale del cinema indipendente ( is held in Celle Ligure, not far from Genoa, and while it is surely more low-key than others (and the website is less organised) it is still a good platform for film makers.

Maremetraggio ( held in Trieste, it’s an important event with an eye to the showcasing of first-time filmmakers.

Fano International Film Festival ( is dedicated to the showcasing of short films, and its jury features famous names of Italian cinema and tv.

Milano Film Festival ( Now in its 15th year the Milan Film Festival specialises in shorts.

Venice Film Festival ( Good luck with this one - and congratulations if you make it. Perhaps not strictly indie the Venice Film Festival is one of the most prestigious in the world.

Resource guide – probably the most useful website for aspiring or professional independent film makers, it is a platform where users can connect, share informations, watch and comment on films and videos and upload their own. It also organises castings, provides information on film festivals, with an updated list of locations and deadlines, and is connected to its own festival, the 242 Short Film Festival.  - the ‘observatory’ of cinema, provides information on the state and the transformations undergone by the Italian film making industry with a sort of ‘scientific’ approach to it all. Includes articles, interviews and reviews. – vast and comprehensive database of everything concerning Italian cinema: new releases, interviews, reviews, festivals, soundtracks and castings.  -  a light-hearted website which also features an interesting page where aspiring producers/writers can find ideas for films waiting to be developed. ( – a comprehensive website which specialises in national and international independent cinema and features information on festivals, news and reviews.
– another independent cinema focused website, its eye-catching tagline reads ‘Make visible what without you would stay invisible’.
– both in Italian and English, it focuses on indie horror films, with articles, reviews and even a vast database of soundtracks.  - another interesting website for independent horror cinema, where filmmakers can have their work uploaded and reviewed.
- good website dedicated to the promotion and the production of independent films. It also features links and information about independent music labels and art shows.

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Margherita Pellegrino Margherita Pellegrino moved to the UK from Italy five years ago, studied Sociology and is now about to finish a Masters Degree in United States Studies.

She is obsessed with cinema and the United States (especially New York) and loves to write (and talk) incessantly about both.

She would like to work as a reviewer/film critic, or maybe in casting because she has a sixth sense about people.

Margherita is presently intening at Raindance.


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Italian Independent Filmmakers Resource Guide