Low Budget Film Guide Part 2

By Christian Bell




henry portrait of a serial killerHenry: Portrait of A Serial Killer 1986

Writers - John McNaughton and Richard Fire
Director - John McNaughton


A chilling examination of a serial killer.  The film was shot over 28 days using friends and family as cast and crew.



night of the living deadNight of the Living Dead 1968

Writers - George A. Romero and John A. Russo
Director - George A. Romero


The film that created the zombie genre.  Romero redefined horror and would do the same with his next film Dawn of the Dead.



open waterOpen Water 2003

Writer/Director - Chris Kentis


A couple get stranded in 'Open Water' when their boat leaves without them.  The film was shot on DV, giving it a very real edge.




onceOnce 2006

Writer/Director - John Carney

€130,000 (approx. $160,000 at the time)

A musical following a busker and an immigrant in Dublin.  The film won the Academy Award for best song.




swingersSwingers 1996

Writer - Jon Favreau
Director - Doug Liman


The endlessly quotable story of struggling actors in LA.  The film launched the careers of Doug Liman, Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn.



bad tasteBad Taste 1987

Writers - Ken Hammon, Tony Hiles, Peter Jackson
Director - Peter Jackson


Aliens come to earth to collect human flesh for their fast food chain.  The debut film of Peter Jackson was made over the course of four years.



producer's foundation certificate


cubeCube 1997

Writers - Andre Bijelic, Vincenzo Natali, Graeme Manson
Director - Vicenzo Natali

CAD $365,000

A group of strangers are picked off one by one as they try to escape the titular Cube.  Only one room was built for the entire production, with the set dressing being modified to act as different rooms.


halloweenHalloween 1978

Writers - John Carpenter and Debra Hill
Director - John Carpenter


A horror classic that single handedly launched the slasher genre.  The low budget meant that actors wore their own clothes and the famous mask was a painted Captain Kirk mask.



mad max Mad Max 1979

Writers - George Miller and James McCausland
Director - George Miller

Australian $350,000

The film that launched Mel Gibson's career features incredible action sequences that would normally be unthinkable on a low budget.



evil deadThe Evil Dead 1981

Writer/Director - Sam Raimi


A perfect example of the 'take a group of kids to a house and chop them up' genre.  Sam Raimi's debut film took a year and a half to complete.



napolean dynamiteNapoleon Dynamite 2004

Writers - Jared and Jerusha Hess
Director - Jared Hess


This mostly plot less film follows uber nerd Napoleon Dynamite.  A real sleeper hit that developed a cult fanbase from the moment it hit the screens.



brickBrick 2005

Writer/Director - Rian Johnson


A hard boiled detective story set in a high school.  Rian Johnson spent seven years shopping his script around before deciding to make it independently.




living in oblivionLiving in Oblivion 1995

Writer/Director - Tom DiCillo


A film that demonstrates what can and will go wrong on a low budget film shoot.  The ultimate cautionary tale for filmmakers.




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Low Budget Film Guide Part 2