Top 5 "Must Do's" to Get It Done!

By Lisa Bradburn

1. We're creatures of habit, learn to smash it.

Studies show that it takes 6 weeks to change human patterns of behavior
when consistently applied. Figure out a new strategy that works best for you: get up 1 hour earlier, try a better lit work station, start scheduling work in a calendar

2. Think It & Note It!

When a brilliant idea descends, make sure it doesn't travel through your brain and into outer space.  As your mind mulls over key concepts, immediately email yourself the details or heck, be old school and carry around a pocket book to jot it down. You'll thank yourself later.

3. Oxygen Does the Body Good

Yep, good old fashioned exercise gives you much needed endorphins to feel alive and more upbeat throughout the day.

4. Recognize the Rut

Admitting you need to change is the first step in doing so. Ask yourself what are your rut triggers? Too hot in your work space? Overly caffeinated and easily distracted?

5. Show & Tell

Find someone who you're comfortable enough with and be accountable for your actions. Show your plan and express regular updates on progress.

Do you get the case of the summer slumps?
If so, what do you do to rev up your level of production?  

Share your stories at and the best advice will be published.

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Lisa BradburnDirector of Business Development, Raindance Toronto

Lisa deems herself a natural connector of people and finds the possible in the impossible. In 2008 she left the unfulfilling banking world and became a Project Manager of Digital Programming and Business Development at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. At CBC, Lisa’s highlights have been project managing digital initiatives for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Hockey Night in Canada iPhone App and the launch of the Bold and Documentary channels. Never one to slow down, Lisa has extensive event management experience and sees huge potential for the future of Raindance. She’s currently writing two feature film scripts in order to apply to the Canadian Film Centre Writers Lab in 2011.

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Top 5 Do's To Getting It Done