Renounced: The Arrested
Development Movie

By Mike Ellis

From time to time, Raindance pauses and comments on one of the many strange things this world offers. It could be political, cultural or religious. Just plain straight wrong.

Here is todays "Renounced"
Recently we have again received news of the ill-fated Arrested Development movie, based on the show of the same title (which if you haven’t seen by now you should run off, buy it, watch it and then finish this article).  This most recent news comes from one of the shows stars David Cross who says that the Arrested Development movies development has been… Well, arrested.  But we’ve heard this news before, haven’t we?  With all the rumors of a bickering cast and a non-existent script it’s hard to know what to believe.

What isn’t hard to believe is that Arrested Development was one of the best shows to ever go unnoticed on television.  With such critical acclaim, a Golden Globe and numerous other awards it’s hard to understand why the shows Bluth family wasn’t good enough and was cancelled early in their third season.  Due to poor marketing the show never really gained a very wide fain base, though its few fans were very loyal.  It was up to 6 million viewers in the second season, yet only half that number watched the finale in the third season. Why, you ask? Well the final four episodes were all aired in succession directly opposite the opening of the 2006 Winter Olympics.  If that isn’t a prime example of why the genius of this show went overlooked I don’t know what is.

The film version of the show has been in talks since the very end of the last episode when executive producer/uncredited narrator Ron Howard quipped that “maybe a movie” would best suit the shows premise now, and fans have been excited about the idea ever since.  So why no movie?  Well first it was rumored that the entire cast wasn’t on board, then that the film was in pre-production and now that it’s off all together simply because too much time has passed.  Whether or not any of this is true, fans still cry out for another glimpse into the life of the Bluth family.  It is however still a distinct possibility that they will remain a distant TV memory, never to make it to the big screen and spend eternity collecting dust on all the die hard fans DVD shelves.  But hey, it could still happen.  It’s not like financing is a problem, because we all know there’s always money in the banana stand.

About The Author

Mike Ellis Mike Ellis is a Cinema and Photography major at Ithaca College in upstate New York and is interning at Raindance while he studies in London.

He enjoys many things like film, music, old school Nintendo games, driving barefoot and watching old episodes of Full House.

He looks forward to entering the Raindance Film Festival one day and then reminiscing about how he used to intern there.

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