What happens after a screening
at Raindance

By Amélie Thille

In 2009, we showed over 80 features and 130 shorts. Screening at a festival like Raindance is not just about filling seats, it’s also about meeting filmmakers like you with whom you might be shooting your next project; getting the opportunity to make deals with potential distributors or having your film noticed for screenings at other festivals.

Here is an idea of what happened to some of the films we screened at Raindance last year.

Paul Cotter’s family road trip Bomber has been programmed by 5 film festivals in Europe and the US since January 2010.


Deadline is the debut feature of writer/director and Raindance alumni Sean McConville.  Starring Academy awards nominees Brittany Murphy and Thora Bitch, the film was released on DVD in December 2009.

Desire also made it through Raindance. The feature was then invited to the Rotterdam Film Festival, Amiens International Film Festival and Belgrade Film Festival.

British comedy Down Terrace won the Raindance award at the British Independent Film Awards and was selected for a screening at Slamdance Film Festival.

After showing at over 17 festivals, Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s feature Easier With Practice was been nominated for 2 Independent Spirit Awards, winning one.

At Raindance, we love documentaries, especially those that feature great bands. That’s why we chose Gogol Bordello Non-Stop. It is currently screening in many festivals all around the world!

Momoko Ando’s presence at the festival led to her film Kakera – A Piece of Our Life, being picked up for UK theatrical and DVD distribution by Third Window Films, with a release in April 2010 coinciding simultaneously with the Japanese release.

Tokachi Tsuchiya’s A Normal Life Please won the Raindance Jury Award for Best Documentary, and there was some interest from UK distributors in the wake of this.

Serbian film The Life And Death Of A Porno Gang was picked by Mitch Davis (head of programming for Fantasia Film Festival) as one of his 10 favourite films of 2010. He says “It is to Serbian culture what CLOCKWORK ORANGE was to Great Britain.  […] You likely haven't heard of this film because, aside from the always-great Raindance Film Festival in the UK, most fests have been too scared to go near it.”

What they told us

“I wanted to thank every member of the Raindance team I met over the last two weeks, for all your help. I don't think I have ever met such a large group of passionate film makers and lovers than I did this year at Raindance 09. Thank you all for a festival i will never forget - even an unreliable economy did not take away from a grand stand festival that ran so much in two weeks i could not possibly keep up, adrenalin still seeping away from my body. I now know where the heart and soul of independent cinema that challenges and thrills an audience is - Raindance, bravo for a festival that enriched my love for film even more than I thought possible. Long lives Independent cinema as it has always been tomorrow's Big Hit. Can't wait to show you my next film..... Tomorrow.”
Brendan Sloan, The Dinner Party

"Sounds like the 2009 Raindance Film Festival was a great success; we were honored to be a part of the impressive line-up.
Brett Portanova & Eric Poydar, Larry The Actor

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support at Raindance. Both our screenings went off very well and it was great to see they were some of your biggest sellers, ticket-wise, and the audiences liked the film."
Stuart Hazeldine, Exam

"Our screening at Raindance was a huge success.  I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything you did to help make that happen."
Steve Balderson, Stuck!

"A big, big thank you to each of the volunteers and employees that pulled off one of the most spectacular film and music festivals ever conceived!"
Clay Westervelt, Popatopolis

"I've been sending quiery letters out to agents the last week. I've been mentioning Raindance and the release in UK/Oz, etc. So far getting reponses from everyone. Raindance opens doors.!
Scott Murden, The Dinner Party

How To Submit

We received hundreds of submissions every year and we watch them all.  Early deadline is 7th May 2010, to have a chance of being part of next year’s Raindance Film Festival, click HERE.

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About The Author

Amélie ThilleAfter graduating with a MA in "Arts and Culture" and working for a couple of Music Festivals in France, Amélie decided to move to London. She found a home at Raindance and became the assistant producer of the Festival in February 2009.






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What Happens After Screening At Raindance