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3 Reasons Why Obama Loves
Independent Film

By Britanny Kepke

The big news in the United States, and around the world is the passing of President Obama’s Health care Reform Bill. After the passing of the bill, the suing started.  Fourteen officials from various states have gone to court in an attempt to try and stop the new law from being put into action.  Their main argument is that is a violation of the constitution, forcing people to pay for something they don’t want. It has been said that it will take the bill about ten months before it reaches the Supreme Court. It will undoubtedly change health care in the United States forever, but what does this mean for independent filmmakers?

We have put together a list of 3 reasons how Obama's health care reform can benefit filmmakers.

Raindance Film Festival 1.     Prescription Drugs:

From time to time everyone needs prescriptions, which is why they are so expensive.

Obama's health care reforms makes presecription drugs a lot cheaper, enabling independent filmmakers to go out and buy a new Flip Cam ($199.00) with the savings.

With this little, yet powerful camera you can create a documentary or movie that is so good it could win an award at the Raindance Film Festival, which then leads to many other accolades.

2.     Intern breaks an Ankle:

With no one being denied coverage under Obama's new system all the people working on your film will have insurance.

This can save you money should an overzealous intern carrying coffee trips and break an ankle. With your savings, American indie filmmakers will have enough money to purchase a Raindance Premium membership and even attend the various courses we offer in New York.

Raindance Film Training Works London 3.     Need a Tonsillectomy:

It is not entirely uncommon for people in the U.S. to get dropped by their insurance the minute you get sick, and of course right when that happens you need a tonsillectomy. This means you are now paying for expensive health care procedures out of your own pocket, or out of your savings for your film.

The Obama health care reform makes it impossible for insurances to drop filmmakers from their health care plans leaving the funds for your cinematic masterpiece untouched.

It's clear that Obama's reform will affect all Americans and not only filmmakers. However, one has to wonder if his key motivation was to help independent filmmakers due to funding for films dropping like a stone.

Your Comments Please

"I love this piece, its funny/sweet and it makes its arguments undisputable.
I just like to add another benefit of the Healthcare Reform Bill that is a new preventative antidote emboded in the bill that counter-attacks the poisoned views (re: lies) of the Repblican party, a particularly aggressive kind of viral infection.  Such antidode its just been dispatched to major news outlets as 'free of charge'."
Yasmin Palma
The bill was written by the insurance companies and the AMA. Just like the Bankruptcy Bill that was written by MBNA and voted on by Democratic and Republicans alike including Obama, Clinton, and Schumer. This bill is not good for poor people in this country. It is not good for women who need complete autonomy over their bodies.

The Democratic-Republican party never actually split as advertised in the 1850's. So our country for the past 160+ years has been a one-party system. Their brilliance was convincing the people that we have a democracy and a multi-party system. The D's and R's are just like Coke and Pepsi, the Dem's and Rep's are best friends. They just play enemies for the cameras. There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

We deserve better! This bill is a lose-lose proposition or the people. The house is on fire, and no change as promised. Just business as usual.  .Like all politicians Obama only loves himself.
Michael Patrick Kelly
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About The Author

Britanny Kepke Brittany Kepke, pictured here in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in her native San Francisco, is a marketing student from Los Angeles.

She is spending the winter of 2010 studying in London and interning at Raindance.

In her spare time she likes to play soccer, cook pasta, watch Friends and watch movies of course.

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3 Reasons Obama Loves Independent Film