7 Things To Do When You
Submit Your Film

By Raindance

You have now completed your masterpiece and have decided to submit it to Raindance (or another Festival). Here are seven tips on how to maximise your submissions impact:

1. Label your film correctly

If you are submitting your film through Withoutabox, you will be given a reference tracking number. Make sure you write this number on the DVD you are sending as well as your name and the title of your film. It is so easy for the DVD to become separated from it's case meaning your DVD disc could become orphaned.

Raindance Film Festival Call For Submissions2. Insert your contact details

Make sure you insert your contact details in the package, so it will be easy for the Festival organisers to get in touch if they need to. Attach a business card to the DVD case rather than writing on a simple piece of paper. You will look more professional. Also please write your contact details on the DVD.

3. Do not put a label on the DVD

Make sure that the information on the DVD is written with a permanent marker. Do not stick a label on it! DVDs with labels are very likely to get stuck inside the computer of our programmers creating an expensive repair.

4. Carefully read the Festival regulations

Film festivals have specific rules for different reasons. Read them carefully to see if your project matches all requirements. For example, there is no point in sending your film to Raindance if it has already been screened in other UK festivals. It won’t be considered as, like many other festivals, we require a UK Premiere.

5. Include all required material

Double and triple check that all required elements are attached to your submission. If you haven’t paid the correct fee or if the electronic press kit is missing, your submission won’t be put in consideration until you have sent all pieces. Send everything in the first place so festival organisers won’t have to chase you up.

6. Send the DVD in a protected envelope

Buy one a bubble envelopes so you can be sure thatyour DVD won’t be damaged during shipping. Raindance receives broken DVDs each year - all sent in a regular envelope.

7. Be patient

Festivals generally receive hundreds of submissions and the selection process is long.
When your submissions close, you will be told the date when the festival selections will be announced.

Bear in mind that this period of the year Festival organisers are really busy and cannot answer every filmmaker about the status of their film immediately. Continual emails and phone calls for news of your film won't really help.

Fade Out

These might look like small details but when Festivals thousands of submissions, it makes a difference. If you follow these tips, you will make a good first impression.

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7 Things To Do When You Submit Your Film